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  1. Hi y’all! Long time no see! Omg I love the new header (I’ll poke around to see what else I’ve missed but I’m on mobile atm).

  2. You listen to king fall am, too?!?

    1. prokaryote.


      IM SO VERY LATE TO THIS BUT YES I LOVE IT! Tell me did you cry at the last few episodes with Sammy because I full on ugly cried.

  3. bby banana. i ate you today oops.

    1. prokaryote.


      noooooOoooo! :( Hi banana. :D

    2. pixielife


      BBY BANANA IS AWAKE! lol hi :) we havent spoken in ages! how is life my little squishy (but not rotten) banana? <3

  4. I'm trying to graphic after being gone for weeks. Please send help.

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    2. nancy drew.

      nancy drew.

      That absolutely counts! You're getting back into it!

    3. Photoshopfreak


      I did that recently. I got pulled into Diablo 3 cause my muse went poof. :(


      Just ease back into it and you'll be making graphics constantly in no time!

    4. prokaryote.


      I swear I spent four hours just staring at photoshop yesterday. But I've made three things so definite progress!

  5. i have a q about your header! do you have a preference for textures or stock? i can work with both on headers, so i might as well find out what you're into :P

    1. prokaryote.


      I don't have a preference at all! :D

  6. those of you who make your own screencaps, are you using a program or just using the basic screengrab feature?

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    2. Scottie Elisabeth

      Scottie Elisabeth

      Looks like KMPlayer has a Mac beta. :) Also, does it go backwards frame by frame? I use VLC and it goes forward, but not back, which drives me nuts.

    3. oz.


      ahh yeah,, i run windows on my mac at times so,, (one of my tuts goes over the import feature quickly tho,,)


      and i'm not sure about kmp going backwards?? i duuun think so

    4. prokaryote.


      I just found that tut and it looks pretty straightforward! thank you so much! :D

  7. Paulaaa! Thank you for the squee. I was in my feels after I made it too. Science bros <3

    1. prokaryote.


      You're so very welcome! They are the best! <3

  8. Hi Raven! I went to go creep through your world famous textures and they were just as beautiful as everyone said! So glad you joined us!
  9. Anyone else listen to audio drama podcasts? I've just finished King Falls AM and TANIS and they were so good I'm looking for more! Any recs?

  10. In CC what is the equivalent of an alpha channel? Like when I'm erasing the background of this image it's not transparent.

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    2. prokaryote.
    3. accio!


      most likely you're erasing the bottom layer, which if you look at the layer list has a little lock on it. press the lock to unlock it and you can now erase! I might be off base though xD

    4. prokaryote.


      That's exactly what I was doing! Jade saved my life, but thanks for the speedy response! :D

  11. I'm thinking about switching from GIMP to photoshop since it seems like I'll be keeping this hobby. Anyone have tips for making the switch?

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    2. prokaryote.


      CC 2015.5! I still haven't actually played with it much. It's pretty intimidating!

    3. accio!


      CC is amazing, that's what I have!! If you need any help feel free to pm me <3

    4. prokaryote.


      I will 100% be bugging you because I still haven't figured out how to make an entire graphic!

  12. Thank you SO much for the squee, your lovely gallery comment, and I am so flattered and happy that you like the banner!! <3

    1. prokaryote.


      Thank you SO much for that banner! <3

    2. Jayde.
  13. Current Name: paulatheprokaryote Desired Name: prokaryote. Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): no Previous Name Changes: none
  14. Hi! I just love everything I've ever seen you post so I had to come creep through your gallery! Your comp is flawless and the coloring on everything is just fantastic! this+, this, this+, and this+ must be my favorites! (I had to stop listing because otherwise it would just be your entire gallery). AND YOUR TEXT! I'm also beyond impressed that you're both a super saiyan god and a sith lord. Where do you find the time? When I grow up I want to be you!
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