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  1. These are AMAZING! thank you so much! I’ll rehost and credit ASAP!
  2. Link to place to be used: hpfanfictalk profile here+ Link to screencap: here+ Text to include on graphic: Main header should say 'crowsb4bros' and then on the subheaders I'd like 'story: rose & co. apothecary' 'story: a spectral affair' 'story: tragedy of the commons' 'story: keeping score' 'awards' 'gifts' Images to include on graphic: crows (ravens are okay too) maybe some plants? Dimensions: 700 X 250 for the main header, 700 X 50 for the subheaders Additional information: I'd really like a witchy/spookky kind of vibe, but I'm open to anything! thannnnkk you to anyone considering picking this up!
  3. Whoops, I missed that you'd posted it! It's PERFECT! I'm rehosting and crediting now!
  4. Story (or Chapter) Title: A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love Link to your Story (or Chapter): here+ (T) Size of Graphic: 700 x 150 Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: no thanks! Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: Nope Do You Have Permission to Change it?: N/A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): James Potter and Lily Evans! I don't have a particular face claim for them (except I'd rather not use Aaron Taylor Johnson) so anyone in their 20s matching their general description would be great. Other Images You Would Like: A cauldron! Other things that would make sense if you'd like some filler items include Diagon Alley, coffeeshop related items, anything to hint at singing. Quotes to use on Graphic: just the title. Color Preferences: Bright colors! Pinks and purples preferred. Mood of Your Story: Fluffy, silly, a little romantic Animation? If so, how?: You don't have to, but if you want feel free to! Additional Information: N/A
  5. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT SO MUCH! this is seriously the most gorgeous thing! I'm rehosting now and here+ is the screencap of it in action!
  6. Size: 500 x 200 Images: Taylor Hill+, Rohit Khandelwal (can be excluded or replaced if you can't find usable pictures/someone similar enough), a house that could pass for haunted (bonus points if it's Victorian style), maybe lightbulbs as they are a theme Text: A Spectral Affair Color Preferences: Anything is fine with me! I'm partial to blues and greens in general Preferred Mood: A little spooky, a little romantic? Nothing too terribly dark. Link to Place to be Used: +here Link to Screencap: +here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): Last year? I think? Maybe the year before? Additional Information: none of my face claims are like hard and fast face claims. For Taylor Hill I'm okay with substituting her in for Barbara Palvin if need be as well. The main character is an anthropologist studying funeral rituals so if that strikes up any inspiration that's fine too. I don't need a matching icon.
  7. Hi y’all! Long time no see! Omg I love the new header (I’ll poke around to see what else I’ve missed but I’m on mobile atm).

  8. You listen to king fall am, too?!?

    1. prokaryote.


      IM SO VERY LATE TO THIS BUT YES I LOVE IT! Tell me did you cry at the last few episodes with Sammy because I full on ugly cried.

  9. Hi! I couldn't find any usable pictures of Emelie Natascha Lindmark, so I used Sara Sampaio instead. I hope that's okay! Let me know if you need any changes. If not, please rehost and credit prokaryote. @TDA
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