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  1. sorry for going AWOL

  2. welcome to TDA bella!! i'm also a 26yo sucker for colorizations so it's nice to meet you. look forward to seeing you around the site!
  3. i got my car fixed and went on 2 unexpected dates this week. life has been busy

  4. guess whose car was broken into and whose steering wheel air bag was stolen???

    1. Kirjava


      D: what the actual hell?? omg D: That's awful what the hell is wrong with people >.< <3

  5. this is so late but tysm for the squee last week!

  6. aaaaand my UC entry is officially done. tada!

    1. starbuck.


      Yay! i can't remember the last UC i finished...

    2. cheriechapstick
  7. oh hey my name is in green now. cool

  8. floralprint thank you so much for the lovely comment! and thanks for sharing the font name, i love it. I'm glad you like those icons. and that blend! officially the first one i've made in literal years. this totally boosted my ego so thank you <33. ​+ 3 chapter images
  9. my office organized an event with therapy dogs today and i am in love with all of them

    1. floralprint


      aww, that sounds really cool! what a great day at work :P

  10. i registered for my first graduate class for the fall and still have to pick a second one blahhhh

  11. i just wanted to tell you how much i adore your forum set, eternal sunshine is my favorite movie and the cuts and coloring on your icons are just perfect <3

    1. nomad


      thank you!! it's my favorite movie too so i'm glad you're a fan :)

  12. it is almost 8PM and i am still at work, kill me

  13. kirjava thank you so much for the kind words! i really love that banner so i'm glad you do too ​steve harrington thank you for telling me what the font was! and thanks for the lovely comment. i'm glad you like my signatures, they're some of my favorites starbuck. ​ahh kris thank you! i really love that chapter image and oscar isaac signature too. glad you like them! i mostly find colorizations super relaxing so it's a good thing they turn out so well + 2 chapter images, 1 signature, + 1 blend
  14. i got into the master's program i applied for!!

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. choobacca


      that is so great!! there's a couple of others (inc me lol) that've gotten into desired masters programs we should have a tda party \o/ hehe

    3. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      that's amazing, well done!!

    4. nomad


      thank you guys!! it was really exciting to find out while i was in portland (though the wifi sucked so i was super stressed for the 10 minutes it took the site to load after i got the email saying i had a decision).

  15. I'm going to Portland for work and won't be back til Sunday. I debated between bringing my work laptop vs my personal laptop (with photoshop) and chose my work laptop...which now feels like the wrong choice ugh

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