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  1. Wow I really like all of these!! My favorite is definitely all of the headers (I legitimately can’t pick one???? They’re all soo good???) and the kuzco icons made me smile. The sig “I take my twist with a shout” is also soooo nice I love how bright the colors are and the layering of the background is really lovely!!
  2. 8963202839 signature changes as I battle technology

  3. these graphics are sooo good (especially the blend & the header image!!) and I loove the steampunk cupcake recipe lol thanks for the review on carnival row, I still might watch it, but it won't be a pressing task anymore //shrug
  4. I really love your nina sig and the rhett & link is very cool (I love ampersands!!!). Also, while you might hate icons, your rainbow voldemorts made me laugh, so they get an A++++++ for that
  5. your site graphic blew my mind it looks so ethereal and full of magic and movement!! I also love this+ avatar, the coloring is beautiful. really excellent job :)
  6. these?? are?? so?? beautiful?? my jaw just kept dropping lower and lower the further I scrolled tbH. I loooove your font-work, they all look so loose and really quite gorgeous, and your blending and use of textures is phenomenal. I love your banner for gravity, and your coloring on the RAINE chapter image is out of this world excited to see more from you!!
  7. revisiting old fandoms for the serotonin rush!!

  8. hi guys! my name is kat and I used to be a semi-active member on this site in 2012 and then again in 2015 and here I am again?? I have paint shop pro but I only ever got ok at it and it has definitely been years since I've used it in any real capacity though I hope to get better! things I like: harry potter, taylor swift, painting, kid shows, marvel movies, soapy tv shows, youtube, vine, one direction, buying books nice to be back :)
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