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    Music and Anthropology are my majors, I love star wars/trek, HP, LOTR, everything Jane Austen and Fantastic beasts was incredible! Cant say the same of cures child (bleh). I sing and perform regularly and my guilty pleasure is blue grass music. I just love the fiddle lol
  1. Story (or Chapter) Title: Chapter 1 Link to your Story (or Chapter): Here Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: No Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: No Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Katie Mcgrath as Elara (I've linked her gallery in her name- any of the pictures with long curly hair) Other Images You Would Like: None Quotes to use on Graphic: just the title of the chapter and character's name. Color Preferences: Green's and silvers, but other colors can also be used Mood of Your Story: It's very solemn, as it takes place during the war, but it's also about recovery and new love so it shouldn't be all dark in mood Animation? If so, how? None Additional Information: The character in this picture is outwardly cold and aloof, but once you get to know her she's funny and brash. If there's a way to kind of portray that in this, you're an artistic genius!
  2. I love it! Thank you for doing this, and so quickly! Abby Rose
  3. Story Title: The Grey Area Link to your Story: Here Size of Graphic: Standard HPFF banner size? Sorry I don't know the exact parameters Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: no thank you! Have You Requested This Graphic Before?:no Do You Have Permission to Change it?:N/A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): My Original Character portrayed by Katie Mcgrath I linked a photoshoot from her online gallery, any of those pictures from any of the 1-7 pages is fine with me! Then a picture of George Weasley this one if you could. [b]Other Images You Would Like:none Quotes to use on Graphic: none Color Preferences:Grey to color Mood of Your Story: it's about a survivor of assault so it's fairly serious, but it ends well. It's about healing. Animation? If so, how? I'd like the banner to start out in grey and then fade into color if it's possible. Additional Information: I like to leave a lot up to artists interpretation, but everything I put here I'm really hoping can be incorporated. If the animation isn't possible let me know and we can try something else. Overall I'd like it to be elegant. Let me know if you're interested!
  4. Hey There! so My story is about to be featured on HPFF (!!!) and I need a cover and a banner for them! Since I'm not sure its kosher to combine requests, this request is just for the BANNER. It needs be 728 X 90. This is very important. I have a banner on my actual story, and it will remain there, this is just for when it is featured at the top of the page! Story Title: The Modern Slytherin [b]Link to your Story: here [b]Would You Like Your Penname on the Banner?: Yes! it's PotterPoppins101 [b]Have You Requested This Banner Before?: no [b]Do You Have Permission to Change it?:n/a [b]Characters to Include (Canon or Original):Greer Faulkner (Candice King) is a Slytherin and then Albus Potter (Nat Wolff) Is a Gryffindor [b]Other Images You Would Like: Just those two [b]Quotes to use on Banner: None [b]Color Preferences: Where Greer is, slytherin colors and where Al is Gryffindor colors [b]Mood of Your Story: It has funny moments, and it is a loves story, but it also has dark themes so a mix of those vibes [b]Animation? If so, how?no thanks [b]Additional Information: If I've been too vague, let me know, but its mostly up to you! Thanks!
  5. Actually I LOVE this. Thank you so much, its beautiful!!!!!! <3 <3
  6. Done! I found an image I really liked. Thank you so much for your time and I'm sorry if I have wasted it.
  7. Your work is beautiful, but I really just don't like the image of Candice. Thank you so much for your work, but I think I will re open since you can't make image changes. Seriously, thank you so much, its lovely, just not quite what I'm looking for <3
  8. Chapter Title: Snakes in The Halls Link to Chapter: Here Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before? Nope! Characters on Chapter Image: Greer Faulkner (Candice King) Other Images You Would Like: none Quotes to use on Chapter Image: I'm proud of my house, even if they aren't always proud of me Color Preferences: Green's and silvers. Feel free to play with colors if those don't work. Greer is a Slytherin, so thats where the emphasis is. A splatter art or floral theme would also be cool. I don't have strict guidelines on this Mood of Your Chapter: Dashes of humor, but its mostly very intense. I really like this image so if you could use this one, great, if not, something where her hair is similar (not straight) Animation? None Additional Information: Please don't include the chapter title, just the quote. Thanks!
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