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  1. Hi Matcha Thank you so much for stopping by and saying such lovely things..I always think its nice when others words encourage you Thank you Val :)
  2. Love the Umbridge colour...I detest that woman and love anything Harry Potter!!!!
  3. Loving your gallery..especially your signatures love this one like how the flower entwines around her
  4. Flory...I love your work and your gallery xx :)
  5. Touched up a tad..the brown on Kaya was her trousers but took it off to see :)..Thanks again xx
  6. Thank you very much for taking the time to point out the good and the bad.. You are spot on the cut around the hand is atrocious..think I might have to go back and fix that.. I did blur some images with a soft texture on top and might change that also Thank you so much very helpful xxxxxxx
  7. What a pretty gallery..especially your signatures :)
  8. I have to give you a big Thank you Suga, for such lovely comments and continued support xxxxx
  9. Wow they are all impressive!!!
  10. Lovely gallery some unusual graphics..It was nice to stop by and see other types of work
  11. Hi I have been experimenting with new styles lately and would love some feedback on this
  12. Im new but its always lovely to welcome people back :)
  13. Popped along to peek at your gallery..Very interesting :)
  14. You have a very interesting gallery..LOve the colour combo and PSDs you use :)
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