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  1. Loving your gallery..especially your signatures love this one like how the flower entwines around her
  2. What a pretty gallery..especially your signatures :)
  3. Lovely gallery some unusual graphics..It was nice to stop by and see other types of work
  4. Im new but its always lovely to welcome people back :)
  5. Popped along to peek at your gallery..Very interesting :)
  6. You have a very interesting gallery..LOve the colour combo and PSDs you use :)
  7. Joined a while ago but I finally made a gallery and joined in..its a little quiet  at the moment but Im certain that will change :)

    Look forward to getting to know you

  8. I really love the layout and header for this edition..really impressive
  9. You have a really pretty gallery, Im peeking at one or two galleries as I have some spare time, I love to see all the different styles we have :)
  10. I had been a member for a long time, but could never quite get the hang of how to post images and a gallery..so I thought I would give it another try :)
  11. I think the rule ,change will make it easier for all artists to make graphics, The strict copyright rules were a little hard, I think most artists do try to use royalty free images and credit where possible, Its like when HP first came out everything was credited to JKRowling etc, however as the years have gone by even DA is a little more relaxed :)
  12. Love your gallery your work is really different :)
  13. You have such a pretty gallery..I will stop by again :)
  14. You have a pretty Gallery Lovely to see your work..and senior artist too xxxx
  15. You have a very lovely gallery I enjoyed taking a peek at your work Thank you
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