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  1. Hey Kylar, my name is Cora and I'm new here too I'm also from Asia, and don't be shy. Just PM me whenever you feel like
  2. Hey Kit!! My name is Cora. I am a newbie, but I'd love to make friends with other new members, so just dropping by to say hi. I always spend my time browsing through tumblr and design sites too so *highfive* I also love mythology (but don't know much) so we can definitely talk more!! Feel free to PM me
  3. Hey Chelsea, my name is Cora Welcome to TDA (it's weird of me because you joined this community before me whateves) As you may have noticed, I am also a newbie so it's encouraging to know I'm not the only rookie among all these talented long time members. I'm really excited to see your graphics!! Feel free to PM me if you want to chat about...well anything
  4. OMGGGGG I am squealing right now, all of you are so sweet (Thank you so much for being so welcoming) I didn't know you guys replied to my hello post until this morning (ugh so stupid) - Hey June!!! *squish you with an online hug* HELLO MY FELLOW NEWBIE we have to talk more - Catherine, you are right, everyone is so welcoming and so warm. And yeah, it is kinda cool that we have to learn photoshop but the grades I get from the project wasn't very cool (sadly). Thank you, you are so nicee - Wren, sup bro - Alison, omg i am currently watching Samurai Champloo so we will have
  5. Hi guys! I'm Cora and I'm new here! (although I've visited the site many times) I'm not a big HP fan I've only seen the movies but I'm thinking about reading the books! I am a huge fan of various anime such as Kuroko no Basuke, K Project, Hetalia,… and more. (I do get too excited when I meet someone who watches the same anime and I won’t shut up at all) I also love the Big Bang Theory, Glee, and I'm a Game of Thrones newbie. My favourite singers are Hozier, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes (and many more that i lost count) I love to read and write fanfiction. I'm a big graphics noob (I've only touche
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