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  1. Link to place to be used: HPFT+ (M) Text to include on graphic: Fate Whispers to the Warrior Images to include on graphic: On one side: Finn Blishwick (Joshua Anthony Brand), Brindley McCroy (Sydney Lafaire). On the other side: Courtney Blishwick (Abigail Cowen), Harley Blishwick (William Franklyn Miller - young, the character is 14!) Dimensions: 700 X 110 Additional information: I love the darker vibes on the other banners in the series if you'd like to see them here+. Since it's a collection of stories, they're kind of all over the place, but maybe some general images like Hogwarts. They span two generations but Voldemort is at the heart of both of them, if that helps! The series has a dark-ish vibe. Thank you!
  2. Story Title: How to Catch a Snorkack Link to your Story: HPFT+ Size of Graphic: 700 x 110 Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: No thanks Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: No Do You Have Permission to Change It?: N/A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) and Rolf Scamander (Zakaria Khiare) Other Images Your Would Like: Go crazy with fantastic beasts, if you like! Or just foresty would be fine too Quotes to use on Graphic: N/A Color Preferences: Bright, fun Mood of Your Story: Light and adventurous with a hint of mystery Animation? If so, how? No thanks! Additional information: I think that's it, thank you so much!
  3. Oh my goodness they are BEYOND perfect. I love the ones with the quotes!!! Thank you so so much!!
  4. Story Title: The Wild Princess Link to your Story: HPFT and Wattpad Would You Like Your Penname on the Banner?: No thanks! Have You Requested This Banner Before?: No Do You Have Permission to Change it?: N/A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Lily James as Princess Delaney (with gold/blonde hair ) and Cole Sprouse as Tristan Parker (with dark hair) Other Images You Would Like: This is a story with classic fantasy elements, so there’s dragons, trolls, magic, weird creatures, swords, fairies, so anything like that. Starry skies would be a lovely touch, too. Quotes to use on Banner: If fate said you couldn’t have the life you wanted, would you listen? (only if it fits on there!) Color Preferences: None. Some colour would be nice but not overly bright Mood of Your Story: Adventurous, magical, bit of lovey dovey thrown in Animation? If so, how? No thanks! Additional Information: I would be forever grateful if this could also be made into a 256x400 cover for Wattpad!
  5. Oooh it's gorgeous! Thank you so much! I'm taking the second one right away
  6. Story Title: Resurrect Link to your Story: HPFF Would You Like Your Penname on the Banner?: If it fits! victoria_anne Have You Requested This Banner Before?: No Do You Have Permission to Change it?: N/A Character to Include (Canon or Original): Lorcan and Lysander Scamander, both as Froy Gutierrez. I've never been committed to a faceclaim for the twins, so if he doesn't work, I'm happy for you to choose someone else! Other Images You Would Like: The Resurrection Stone, and the Forest, if they work Quotes to use on Banner: None Color Preferences: None, but nothing too bright. The story will get quite dark but it's not like that all the time Mood of Your Story: Mysterious, but with some humour thrown in Animation? If so, how?: No thanks! Additional Information: I know it's probably not a lot to go on; I usually have a good idea in my head of what I want, but for this story banner I don't! So go forth with your creative freedom, and thank you very much!
  7. It's beauuuuutiful!!!! I love it, but can you change Hiccup to one of him smiling? I want my precious delicate flower child to be happy To the best of your ability, that is, since I'm not sure how much he actually smiles in the first movie. If that's the case, older Hiccup is equally gorgeous <3
  8. Size: 500x200 | 100x100 Images: Hiccup Haddock (first movie version), Toothless, any other related images (like Berk, the forest/cove or even other dragons) Text: Becoming a hero the hard way Color Preferences: Green would probably work best but I don't have a preference Preferred Mood: Happy! Link to Place to be Used & Link to Screencap: HPFT profile | Screencap When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): N/A Additional Information: I'm just utterly obsessed with this series, and am forever grateful to anyone who can help me express that
  9. Hello! Hayden (Magenta Robes) just told me you're from Perth... So am I! :D

    1. thefifthmonth


      GIRL HI!!! That's amazing! All the Aussies i meet online live over east lmaoo small word

    2. victoria_anne


      I KNOW! This is so great! Army of two, woohoo!

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