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  1. Yes please do try! I love your banners ❤️ I'm so excited to see what you come up with Just to let you know, I updated the quote above. Just took out one word
  2. To whoever picks this up, You're a beautiful human and I love you ❤️ Title: This, A Sprained Ankle, and You Link: here+ (teen) Text to Include on the Graphic: the title, my penname (ImaRavenclaw), and the line - They should all just let us be. Images to include on the Graphic: Any Indian male around 18-22 looking. Clean shaven as Albus [It would be better for him to be slightly lighter skinned as he's only half, but it doesn't really matter since it always depends on the individual genetics.] And whatever obscure blond male model you'd like to use for Scorpius. If you can't find someone who isn't super mainstream then I'm fine with Lucky Blue Smith. If the rest of the images could just be a beautiful forest at night. Maybe a campfire. Whatever you want that's outdoorsy. Dimensions: HPFT Banner - 700 x 150 Additional Information: I'd love royal and navy blues for the colours (especially if it can be contrasted with a campfire.) Just don't stress. I want something simple.
  3. Huge thanks to anyone who picks this up !!! Link to place to be used: here+ (teen) Text to include on graphic: The title of the story, Working Late, and my penname, ImaRavenclaw Images to include on graphic: Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter (the movie actors but looking older, late 20s. I would prefer clean-shaven but it's not a must) and the Ministry of Magic. Dimensions: 700x150 Additional information: The story has a little bit of an angsty side but there is some fluff. Really dark blues would be nice, like almost black blues (navy, midnight, etc.) It's pretty much up to the artist though. It also takes place and night/after work hours. Feel free to get creative. I like this story but I'm not super attached to it, so whatever you do is good!!
  4. Ahhhh it's so beautiful! I'm going to rehost and credit as soon as my German lesson today is done
  5. Hey! I did pm Jade quite a while ago and she did see it, but she must be quite busy. It is still needed and I currently have something else in the request forms. Thanks for checking in
  6. Thanks to the talented artist who picks this up. Link to place to be used: here+ - Mature link Text to include on graphic: The title of the story - Les Retrouvailles, my penname - ImaRavenclaw Images to include on graphic: Max Irons as Oliver Wood (no beard.) Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory (no beard.) There's no specific images that I can think of. Maybe some little Vietnamese boats or some handwritten letters. They're no focal points though. Dimensions: 700x150 Additional information: This story is really romantic but mostly drama and angst. I don't want colours that are too happy but not too dark either. Mostly up to the artist.
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