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  1. hey guys! i'm working on college apps and even though i've been inactive for a while, i want to write about tda in my essay! but i'm not exactly sure how to describe what we do. it's not exactly graphic design, right? so what do you think it should be called?

    1. saturn.


      I think back in the day when I was using tda and other forums for my college/internship apps (I'm 25 now, so like... a long time ago), I called it "graphic design and photo manipulation and editing"?

    2. saturn.


      P.S. We miss you! ❤️

  2. sorry for the delay! so I kind of ended up changing up a lot, but it's a bit darker now. how are these? don't hesitate to ask for more changes or reopen!
  3. here you go, hope these are okay! feel free to ask for changes or reopen. i'd be happy to scrap this and start over too
  4. Oh my goshhh! This is so gorgeous and even better than anything I imagined T____T Thank you so so much Katlynn!
  5. hi tomi! for the ultimate mythology challenge, do they have to be gods/goddesses? or can i use other characters from myths? i 'accidentally' made an orpheus banner before i read the challenge carefully D:

    1. .amaris


      I think that's fine! It's still from mythology, so it's all good :)

    2. Holster


      whew, thank you!!

  6. I was stalking your artist q&a. xD YOU PEOPLE ON CANVAS FIRST. I has never found someone who does this aside from me, so I found this super exciting. :D

    1. Holster


      WHOO! Hahaha it definitely is exciting, I always though I was the only one who was strange XD I'm still pretty awful with comp though :') but I don't know, I've always found it easier to make graphics like that \o/

    2. .amaris


      I do too. I never know what to do otherwise and just get lost in my comp haha xD

  7. Size: 1080x1920 or any of that ratio if it's too big Images: Any of +Baptiste Radufe or +Matthew Bell Color Scheme Preferences: your choice, i prefer light colours c: Quotes: feeling electric Desktop Orientation: portrait Additional Information: Thank you for doing this, Katlynn! I know whatever you make will be amazing so I can't wait to see what you'll come up with <3
  8. Congrats to all the winners and everyone who was nominated! All so well-deserved! <3
  9. hey shan! i'm so in love with all your new graphics, you've improved so much in such a short time! i'm especially blown away by this, but let's be real, all of your vertical banners are stunning. you have to teach me! your mission to graphic a day is very inspiring and i'm definitely rooting for you <3
  10. Current Name: a little life. Desired Name: Holster Also Change Login Name? (Yes or No): yes please Previous Name Changes: wilde. -> steadily -> tamago -> a little life.
  11. hey alyssa, it’s me charlotte! (Novacane. on SP and CC ) it’s so great to have you here! tda is where i started so it’s always exciting when members from other resource sites join i hope you post your gallery soon so i can post there :3 and of course, don’t hesitate to pm me if you have any questions or would like to chat! <3
  12. hi there sankavi! i saw your jonghyun graphics in pylc and i just had to tell you how much i love them! they are truly beautiful and such a wonderful tribute. <3

    1. &thereshegoes


      omg charlotte ty ;-; i needed a way to vent all my sadness and this was the best way for me, so thank you <333

  13. Hello Rodrigo! This comment really made my day. I do love shiny colouring, and I'm always surprised to hear that my graphics inspire people, so thank you for the very sweet comment!
  14. ramya: this is super late but thank you so much for the sweet comment, ramya! your comment means so much because im a big fan of your graphics! kara: thank you so much for that crit! ive updated since your crit with a bunch of new graphics using your advice and hopefully, the improvement shows! <3
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