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  1. I get to present on Harry Potter for one of my final university classes, but I feel so nauseous over the entire thing. (let me write essays plz and ty)

    1. nancy drew.

      nancy drew.

      That's so fun! Presentations always made me nervous in uni, too, but the more I did the easier they got. :)

    2. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      I would love that! Good luck and have fun with it!

    3. Natasi's Sword

      Natasi's Sword

      Thank you! It was a great class, but I bumbled over my presentation. At the slides were nice.

  2. I added more diverse screencaps for anyone who's interested. Including a dance, a knight, and a viking
  3. Is there a way to change your username, or is it more of a permanent thing?

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    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      you can also change it under special circumstances for things like matching your name on another established site! the list of extra reasons is here :)http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=87412

    3. Natasi's Sword

      Natasi's Sword

      Ah! Cheers, sorry to be a bother about that, I couldn't find anything about usernames when I was searching for it.

    4. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      no worries, it can be hard to spot :') good luck though!

  4. Size: 1200x350 Link to Place to be Used: wattpad user page Type of Site: fictional writing Images: Essentially I want it to be fantasy, I've provided some cool HD screencaps, but whatever works, so as long as it looks fantasy: Isabella, Regina Mills, Daenerys' dragon, landscape shot, interior shot, Marco Polo, Lagertha, Kristen Stewart, Captain Swan dance Text: n/a Mood of your Skin: Fantasy Colour Preferences: preferably organic, nature-like colours. Blues, greens, browns, rather than greys if that's possible, but honestly, whatever works Additional Information: I supplied a bunch of screencaps, but if you know better pictures or have something better in mind, go for it. I just want the header to reflect what I'm writing. Fantasy with kickass women
  5. Holy mother of all! This is absolutely gorgeous! thank you thank you thank you! (Hosting and Crediting ) (still freaking out how gorgeous this is)
  6. Is there something I could do to make my request more desirable?

    1. TreacleTart


      Looks like it's just been picked up. :)

    2. Natasi's Sword
  7. So I had a feeling that no one was picking this up as some of the screen caps were possibly not as sharp as I had first thought. So I've gone through and grabbed a few more screen caps that seem to be sharper. (4,5, 6 and 7) let me know if there's anything I can do to help Thank you so much for the person whom takes this on!
  8. Happy to give you the details! Didn't realise there'd be so many aussie's here Thank you so much <3
  9. thank you, will do! You all are so nice :3
  10. Eep! Thank you all! (and congrats!)
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