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    I'm InnocentBeginning,<br />I love writing, reading, swimming, watching movies and laughing.<br />I write to get away from this world because I find it insanely boring right now.<br /><br />I like a boy - he don't like me *crowd goes awe*<br /><br />The story I'm writing now is called 'Dramatic Occurances' and yes it's going well.
  1. Haha Thanks love.

    I heart the icon too.

  2. Haha thanks love.

    And thank you for my banner! I love it so much, the way you make it, is a apart from the rest. <3

  3. your icon kicks butt.

    love it.


  4. just wanted to say, your icon is complete pwnage :P

  5. Your welcome, I hope you like it. ;)

  6. Thank you for doing my Author Siggie! Yay

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