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  1. hallo >:) I see u lurking in me gallery

    1. daredevil


      I am vee!! nice to meet u!!! :D

    2. Medieval


      hi Vee! i'm Hanie ^^

      well, i love strolling around beautiful galleries <3

  2. wow that was fast :drop: and it's just PERFECT the way it is! thankssss so much you perfect human <3
  3. hiii! oh yeah i was wondering too if i posted it in the right section. thanks btw
  4. Size: a sig (500x200px) and icon (100x100px) Images: any pictures of Toni Mahfud <3 Text: any verse from Sweet Creature by Harry Styles Color Preferences: anything that fit Preferred Mood: up to you! but nothing bright/fun/cheerful themed Link to Place to be Used & Link to Screencap: Medieval here on TDA When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on any site): none. just here Additional Information: just do your magic on it, thanks and good luck!
  5. ohmygosh! what a fab header + awesome layout <33 also congrats to those who got featured! totally well deserved
  6. i have not been here for so long and i must admit that i miss this site and the people here so frickin much!

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    2. Medieval


      @mockingjay aw thank you!

    3. klutzy_kara


      welcome back !!! xo

    4. hasane


      agree with kara, welcome back! hope you stay for good !! :^)

  7. finally got time to update this gallery
  8. ohmygosh Raven! you're here too >< thanks for dropping by here at my gallery welcome to TDA~ it's a lot of fun here too
  9. hey too Ashley! thanks for dropping by here and leaving those sweet words <33 i've been stalking your gallery too actually and i must admit that i love your stuff! they're all so neat and clean aw, thanks so much for that! really hope my next ones won't disappoint hahah
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