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  1. @klutzy_kara aw thanks so much Kara! you're COOL! so that means a lot 😭 ❤️
  2. these changes sound so cool! and i'm really excited for that coding news! i can't wait to meet other fellow coders around the site 🤩
  3. another gorgeous and interesting issue as always ❤️ thanks so much for the feature btw ~ i really didn't see that coming 🤯
  4. finally updated with some new stuff! it feels so good to be back!!
  5. hallo >:) I see u lurking in me gallery

    1. daredevil


      I am vee!! nice to meet u!!! :D

    2. Nimue


      hi Vee! i'm Hanie ^^

      well, i love strolling around beautiful galleries <3

  6. ohmygosh! what a fab header + awesome layout <33 also congrats to those who got featured! totally well deserved
  7. finally got time to update this gallery
  8. ohmygosh Raven! you're here too >< thanks for dropping by here at my gallery welcome to TDA~ it's a lot of fun here too
  9. hey too Ashley! thanks for dropping by here and leaving those sweet words <33 i've been stalking your gallery too actually and i must admit that i love your stuff! they're all so neat and clean aw, thanks so much for that! really hope my next ones won't disappoint hahah
  10. miss atomic bomb wow! i wasn't expecting this at all :drop: btw thanks a lot for another button Cat! <33 nyx Alison!! i know i didn't make that much stuff after the crit but still thanks so much you're the absolute best and thanks for the button also
  11. Congrats on being promoted!!

    1. Nimue


      hey thank you so much! :)

  12. nyx ohmygosh! thank you so much for your time on this, Alison! this is brilliant like, you've pointed out everything~ i'll try to change and do this in my next pieces thanks soooooo much again! you're the best <33
  13. mariacthrn hi Maria! thanks for dropping by a lovely comment here haha it's okay, we tend to forget a lot of things! so, no matter xD
  14. hi hanie! i just wanted to apologize for how long it's taken me to get to your crit D: but i wanted to let you know that if i don't get to it tonight, i'll DEFINITELY do it tomorrow! thanks for your patience :'')

    1. Nimue


      aww it's okay! just take your time no need to rush :D

  15. oh yasssss i've finally found you here Thirah!! /feeling proud/ everything is looking so cool and fab (as always) don't know if you still remember me but hi~ /waves/
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