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  1. I just wanna say I absolutely adore the colors in your current sig! well done!

  2. hey, thanks for your awesome comment in my gallery <3 it made my week, I ended posting a new one since I got a chance to make new things :)

    1. katharos


      aw, no problem!! :3 and yay i'm glad you made new stuff! <3

  3. I DONT KNOW HOW OFTEN YOU CHECK HERE. but higirl. I GOT YOUR PM. I like. tbh I don't write much anymore? I miss it but I have soo little time. but we could do something snazzy if you want. totaaally. just lemme find my muse groove. miss you! <3

    1. vinewood


      HAHA no one ever comments here but I still see stuff! :) and yeah, ROTD is dead so I've moved on, a lot of people have. but IF you have time i'd always be game for something, you just let me know how you feel! >:D we could do it over TDA pm as well so there's that! :D miss you too!

    2. carpe.noctem


      yeaaah I noticed! I got out of Medic training and was like '.-. guuuys?' but yeah I always have a bit of time! I'm working 6 days this week but after that I shoould be able to do something over PM :) did you move on to another site, or just away from RP?

    3. carpe.noctem



  4. Hey I wasn't sure if you had seen your gifts in the secret Santa gift thread? I had been assigned you but then later I think your post had been deleted or something. So I just thought I would check to see if you had realized you had still gotten gifts.

    1. carpe.noctem


      hey lovely! I apologize for not replying to this sooner- I'm mostly lurking from my phone and unable to do much off of it. But I have finally seen them, thank you so sooo much!! they are seriously great and I appreciate them, I will be rehosting and putting them as soon as I can <3 sorry it took me so long- I'm in medic training so life is somewhat craaazy atm.

    2. Slytherinchica08


      It's all good I just wanted to make sure that you had seen them before the thread got buried and such. I know all about having a hectic life! But I'm glad you like them

  5. I'm starting one of these 'cause I'm not new but I feel like I barely know anyone! D: im slightly antisocial, maybe. Anyways, hello helloo I'm Caiti, I joined the forums back in '07 to request things for HPFF, and started making graphics in June 2010? I think. I like textures, sci-fi, multiple coloring layers, using smileys excessively and reblogging things on tumblr. In RL, I'm going into the medical field, as I did debate trying graphic design as a major but decided I like it better as a hobby and i cant draw and medical stuff is fascinating. The only show that I've been watching live
  6. Name: Caiti Tumblr: Werewolves, Zombies and Graphics, oh my... Twitter: I managed to lock both myself AND the hacker out of my twitter...soyeah. Skype: xxdreamerx (if you add me just include who you are, please!) Other:
  7. hey ellie! :) I didn't want to be a pain, but did you ever see the PM I sent a while back? ^-^

    1. Bear&Fox


      I did and I replied as well - how odd D:

      I'm bogged down with requests atm, so I won't be able to fill another for you.

      Feel free to ask me in a couple of weeks though :') <3

    2. carpe.noctem


      awh, that iis weird D:

      but gotcha! shall do <3 :) tbh I had ended up going ahead and making something myself for now, so I was mostly poking to see what had happened PM wise since it seemed odd to have never gotten a reply and now I realize the system must've had a hiccup >< but thank you! <3 hope you're doing well!

  8. :D hope you've been doing well! <3 the animation on the latest graphic of yours is so gorgeous .-.
    1. atlas.


      oh hayyyyyy you :* i'm doing great! v v v vvvvvv busy right now but trying to make some semblance of graphics LOL. thanks lovey! it took WAY too long UGH there must be an easier way.... how are youuuu????


    2. carpe.noctem


      glad you're doing great! and omg, I think with anything involving animation, there is nooo easier way .-. but it came out awesome <3 and I am good, have been busy with school as well but I'm almoost done :D one more final tomorrow and a state exam and I'm freeee ~

    3. atlas.


      WHOOOOO YOU CAN DO IT <3333333

  9. ...that multi-ship sig is the most gorgeous graphic ever .-. ahhh just had to leave a comment about that! <3

    1. illumination.


      ahhh oh gosh thank you! <3

  10. CONGRATS KAITLYN! :D so glad you got staff, your stuff is fantastic girl <3

    1. kaitkat


      THANK YOU CAITI <3 omg i still can't believe it :'DDDD

  11. CONGRATS <3 so glad you got promo'ed!! :D enjoy the new blue!

    1. catharsis


      Thank you so much! :D

  12. I just wanted to pop in and say I absolutely adore everything in your gallery you have an awesome style going!! I had this plan to link to my favorites but I have so many that I'd basically be linking to your whole gallery but I will say I absolutely love the teen wolf graphics. and the animation. and your icons are positively yummy and I think the chapter images are the highlight of your gallery <3 keep making awesome stuff, I WILL BE BACK<3 you might need to give me an icon making and animation lesson, kay? kay.
  13. Hi Caiti. :) I love your Teen Wolf graphics so much, omg. I just had to say that. <3

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    2. catharsis


      oooh hahaha. I'm actually so relieved. I was scared for my favourites. (and I still kind of am, to be honest. I'm worried about next week.)

    3. carpe.noctem


      /so so late. I might be going through a bit of teen wolf withdrawal? .-. I want next season already

    4. catharsis


      omg I so know the feeling! I've been reading so much fanfiction lately, it's insane. x_______X And kind of embarrassingly pathetic how dependent I am on it at the moment. :P

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