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  1. i am seriously in love with your gallery!! do i also spy a fellow army ?? i screamed,, , , ,
  2. so if i had a banner that i wanted to be redone but by the same artist, would i post it in the story graphic requests section or the giant eraser section?

  3. man going on job hunts means accepting phone calls from #s u don't kno b/c ur an idiot that forgot to save them

    1. choobacca


      or if you're me just ignoring them and then realizing later....oh crap

    2. cheriechapstick


      I check my voicemails always and call back and make up something that sounds VERY important for missing the call haha.

  4. what do you say when you go talk to a manager of a store trying to introduce yourself to get a job??

    1. ailhsa


      Summer job?

    2. galaxies


      Be super confident. Reach out for a firm handshake, introduce yourself and tell him/her that you're interested in working with them. It doesn't have to be anything over the top. When I hired employees I typically hired the ones who were eager and confident!

    3. hasane


      @ailhsa a little bit like that, but i want to hold on to it for a good bit of time!


      @galaxies ooh, thanks! except for the fact that even when i may be confident, i gain a tiny bit of a wobbly voice,,,

  5. okay, so what do i do if i have a graphic that an artist here did for me that needs some minor changes (like, as in change the model of one of my characters)? i know you post in the 'giant eraser' forums, but it seems to be locked?

    1. miss atomic bomb

      miss atomic bomb

      yep that's what you're supposed to do! it shouldn't be locked, you can pm me or any other admin and we'll see if we can fix that for you.

  6. i watched infinity war. and... well. wow.

    1. azimuth


      Are you dead inside, yet? :|

    2. Kirjava


      ohmygoodness how life-shattering was it though :o I finally watched it on Weds last week and..eep.

    3. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      I heard it's really good.

  7. okay but how does one cut out a picture of person while still keeping the flyaway hairs (or fine strands or whatever)

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    2. cheriechapstick


      ^^ exactly! And I always use layer masks for it as well that way if it looks funny as an end result you can just add back what you need instead of starting over.

    3. nomad


      ^ layer masks are the bread and butter of hardcutting

    4. choobacca


      i feel like i'm the only one who does this but i use quick selection... it saves my life. and when you "refine edge" you can see a preview and it'll often catch the flyaways (works best for hq images tho)

  8. i'm literally so bad at waiting, b/c like, i turned in a job app literally a day ago and today i'm like

    1. hasane


      "DID I GET IT?" so. yeah.


      [i got cut off :(]

  9. hi how do you do your magic teach me your ways
  10. i think i like the bark arts a lot. what's better than art and doggos????

    1. Newt Scamander.

      Newt Scamander.

      finding all the clues? :P xx


  11. yikes getting rejected is such an awful feeling i wouldn't wish it on anybody

  12. i came back from vacation and was hit with the news that hpff is shutting down smh

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    2. abhorsen.
    3. hasane


      i'm a member on hpft forums + archives! i'm just not active there, you see. i'll have to start transferring my stories from HPFF to HPFT. the formatting is just so different from there i'm just not sure what to do! when i try to post a story, i'm not sure how to get in more than one category, or warning.

    4. abhorsen.


      If you have a Mac, you need to hold down the command key while clicking the additional categories/advisories. If you have a PC, hold down the CTRL key. :)

  13. don't you just hate it when you wake up late for school and then have to force yourself to run a marathon to catch the bus

  14. what if the graphics on here are just extreme collaging

  15. okay okay so i got trusted author status on hpff???? what is this witchery

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    2. hasane


      @klutzy_kara thank you! and i don't mean to shamelessly plug, but you totally should!


      @prongsbeak ah, thank you! i don't exactly know what i did to receive it, but at least i know i'm doing something right!!

    3. prongsbeak


      to get that trusted author status, you need to post your chapters and not have them rejected... for example you post one and gets validated and then you post another and it gets rejected... this way you won't get it but if you have lots of validated chapters in a row you get that status! :)

    4. hasane


      @prongsbeak that makes much more sense. the specifics of it were so ambiguous up until now!

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