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  1. See, I'm completely out of filler classes. I'm taking all classes I actually and have to pay attention in -.-

    And yessssssss. Maybe we can buy our own island and a bunch of boats and and and...uh. throw parties. and have fun. lots and lots of fun.

    I hadn't realized I hadn't responded to this. Stupid school being so busy. stooopid.

  2. Ahh haha good choice. There are some classes that I refuse to sleep in, but then for my classes that I'm just taking as fillers I'm kinda "whatever."

    Ooh Prince Harry. Gingers = love. And you know we'd get enough money for Australia from that.

  3. I usuallly choose the middle seats so I don't look like a complete slacker haha.

    Michael would be a funny hostage. We could kidnap prince harry. I like red heads.

  4. I always sleep in class XD That's why the back seats are the best!

    If we're gonna kidnap someone, it should be someone really yummy like Ian Somerhalder. Or we could kidnap Michael Cera, cuz he'd probably be a really entertaining hostage.

  5. Ehhhh, I don't pay attention in half. Just doodle/fall asleep. But. I kept my grades. That is ALL that is important to me, lol.

    but alright. I'm glad you agree with this master plan. Now, to obtain the money by ransom of...someone.

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