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  1. cheriechapstick

    I Challenge Thee - Cycle 48

    Mine! I challenege thee to make a graphic with no more than 15 layers total. (Including text coloring filtering and base)
  2. cheriechapstick

    [misc] The One-Text Texture Challenge

    [img]https://i.ibb.co/vZKpc1j/you-are-the-darkness.png[/img] sm okay
  3. thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful Secret Santa set ❤️❤️❤️ i love it. you do my girl Ari so good :')

    1. cheriechapstick


      You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it, it was a lot of fun working with her! ❤️ Merry Christmas Alison!

  4. cheriechapstick

    See You Again

    Thank you rod !! You as well! <33
  5. cheriechapstick

    See You Again

    Aaah shona I'm so embarrassed you've come by during my mass distruction of trying to revamp this mess!! ❤️ Thank you though that was my first ever continuous banner and while im still iffy on the coloring it was a fun new obstacle to tackle! Thanks for your lovely comments !
  6. hey hun i'm sorry I'm going to have to let someone else try this. I've tried a few different things and just cant make it work I'm sorry
  7. Yessss still on it! Ive got it about halfway done hopefully will have it up by monday sorry for the wait
  8. I can try this for you:) i may not be able to get to it until later this week though if thats okay? Edit: are you firm on these photos if yes i can absolutely make them work but if ykure flexible i can find some from her secret circle era/look to keep with that vibe if thats what your looking for:)
  9. cheriechapstick


    To be fair, Sammi is way more persistent than I am! But none the less I'm very happy to see you here as well!! Welcome to TDA don't be afraid of anything you know how and were to shout at me if you need any help or anyone can help really everyone is so super nice here We can produce graphics at the same poor spoony pace we deal with <3 Welcome to TDA Kayla so so happy you finally joined! I think you'll love it and be back into like the rest of us in no time. Jess xx
  10. cheriechapstick

    Septemeber Digest 2018

    Great issue as always! <3 Ammmmmmy HPPC days
  11. Hey hun!! SO sorry this took me so long This is what I've come up with. If you like it please rehost and credit to cherie chapstick @TDA The only thing I can really change would be the text But feel free to reopen if it wasn't what you were looking for. + +
  12. cheriechapstick

    Sing Charlotte Sing! (Hallo)!

    Hi Nicke welcome! I'm Jess and I don't have a cheesy joke because I'm at work, and it fries my brain v v sorry. I'm excited to see you here and hope you find TDA enjoyable. There is so many things to learn from this site and so many people who are great to talk to and get critique and help from! I wouldn't have made any progress without them! If you need any help or just feel lonely and want to talk I'm around checking the site at least every hour or two even if I'm not posting (queen lurker I swear). i look forward to seeing the graphics you create!
  13. Hi yes I'm sorry! I should have this up Thursday!
  14. I did a couple things to them here on the first version i made the text darker, on the second i left the text the same but made a stronger drop shadow to make it stand out a little more. Entirely up to you for which you prefer. Once again just credit if you use and let me know if you need changes
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