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  1. those two blends are stunning. The composition is especially mind blowing.
  2. your use of textures is phenomenal.
  3. I can't remember if I ever posted in here, but I have to say your style is absolutely gorgeous! I adore your use of textures and your coloring is amazing! I saved practically everything in my inspiration folder and I'll be sure to visit to see more of your work
  4. I wish i could be half as talented as you are. Everything in here is absolutely flawless.
  5. thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and leave me a comment I really appreciate that <3 I'm finally back... updated with 2 sets of icons, 3 signs, 1 banner and 3 blends. Hopefully someone still checks my gallery
  6. http://i.imgur.com/V71VtOK.png is one of the best blends I've seen in a while. Overall, I simply adore your use of textures, simply amazing <3
  7. I don't think I've been here before, but I regret that profoundly! What a beautiful gallery you have I adore your compositions and use of textures, plus your banners are so gorgeous (esp. the first two). I'll be certain to stop by for some more inspiration ^_^ vany <3
  8. seriously, you guys are amazing and mostly what keeps me motivated to come back every now and then and continue making graphics! I struggle to stay active, but let's see what happens! Updated with 1 sign, 2 banners and 1 blend ^_^
  9. ah Mini, it's great coming back after one of my many hiatus and see that your work is as beautiful as ever. What I like the most is that with so little you can do so much; you don't need to go overboard or use a ton of stocks to make your style look polished and near perfection. You have always been one of my main inspirations and I hope you stay around and make many more pretties for me to look at ^_^ vany <3
  10. How did you get so good over the last few months ? I must admit I liked your work before, but not as much as I love it now! I absolutely love what you've been doing with your compositions and your use of texture/stock is phenomenal <3 My faves would be the first two signatures, first three banners and the first two blends (which just proves your newest work is perfection lol) Keep up the amazing work and I'll be back soon to stalk you ^_^ vany <3
  11. your gallery is so pretty! I love your compositions and coloring, it's natural yet powerful. I especially like that first signature and your chapter images, they really stand out ^_^ vany <3
  12. So, I stumbled upon a few of your graphics and I had to stop by your gallery. I don't think I've been here before, but this place is so beautiful! I absolutely love your use of texture, it's so unique; plus your compositions are so creative. I especially like your signatures, they are so pretty and different from the usual. Technique wise, your text placement and font choice is spot on most of the time and that's actually a plus since almost everyone struggles with text I can't wait to see more from you soon. vany <3
  13. your simple yet sophisticated banners are one of the main reasons why I remain a fan after all these years. Your style is so solid, so unique and you do vintage & natural coloring like no one else. I'm so glad to see you're still active and still very much talented vany <3
  14. Elysium - Oh Kylie, how I miss having you around, you were always one of my main inspirations. I still struggle to stay around and produce something half decent these days, but I still pop in and out from time to time. I wish I still was prolific as you say but I make graphics every six months now. I try though Thank you for stopping by and the awesome comment <3 Bonesaw - Thank you so much, glad you liked that one ^_^ So, I did a little (much needed) cleaning and added eight signs, five banners and three blends... more might come soon; or not.
  15. wow, im insanely jealous of your mad skills. The way you master coloring is beyond amazing! Your icons caught my attention first because icons are a real pain to make, but your banners are some of my fave as well. I love your entire gallery to be honest, I hope I can draw some inspiration from it <3 vany.
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