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  1. @starbuck. took me entirely too long but I have some suggestions for pics using Kelly Gale as their fc instead! They’re all from her Bellazon thread. Padma: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE Parvati: ONE | TWO | THREE Generally, more playful and lighter pictures are Parvati, and more serious and darker pictures are Padma. You could also have a picture of Kelly with her hair up for Padma (I didn’t find any I particularly liked). A picture of Padma with a leather jacket would be super great, given that that’s important to the fic (as you know), but isn’t necessary :) I know that you really understand them and their personalities, so I trust that you’ll be able to find the best pictures and the ones I provided are just suggestions :D Let me know if you want me to find some others ^_^
  2. Thanks for the clarification, and sorry about that! I tried to find other pictures but I couldn’t find any that weren’t copyrighted 😐 My general philosophy is light colors/smiling = Parvati, and darker colors/not smiling/glasses = Padma! I could try to hunt down some pictures for Kris later, but if ultimately, it doesn’t work out to have Mishti specifically on the banner, that’s fine. Having two other models (ideally with their faces hidden then, and Indian/of a similar skin tone/appearance) would be okay too.
  3. Story (or Chapter) Title: reorienting Link to your Story (or Chapter): HPFT Size of Graphic: 700x150 Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic: Yes please! :D Have You Requested this Graphic Before: Nope! Characters to Include: Padma and Parvati Patil! My FC for both of them is Mishti Rahman. It’s a little hard to find pictures for because she’s an Instagram model/influencer, so most of her pictures are on her Insta (and I couldn’t find any conclusive info about IG copyright rules...). Assuming that Insta pics are fine to use, I have some suggestions: (my preference is #1) because it just screams Parvati to me If Insta pics aren’t allowed, I can try to find others! Other Images You Would Like: maybe a picture of a building like this in the background? Not necessary, though. Quotes to use on Graphic: None! Color Preferences: Would love to see reds and blues mixing! Mood of Your Story: oh gosh, I don’t know. Nostalgic, melancholic, hopeful but sad at the same time? Haha, you’ve read it so you can probably say better than I could :P Animation: nope! Additional Information: Thank you in advance! <3
  4. [b]Story (or Chapter) Title:[/b] china doll [b]Link to your Story (or Chapter):[/b] HERE! [b]Size of Graphic:[/b] 700x110 [b]Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?:[/b] nope! [b]Have You Requested This Graphic Before?:[/b] Nope! [b]Do You Have Permission to Change it?:[/b] n/a [b]Characters to Include (Canon or Original):[/b] Cho Chang - please don't use the actress who played her in the films though! I've found a few pictures off of Pinterest (so not an ideal image source but I really really love the pictures): - this one is of Cho as a woman warrior and I'd love it, or something similar, because that is fairly central to the story. - A collection of pictures from a photoset that I really like. Light clothing: one Dark clothing: one I would love a mix of the pictures with light and dark clothing, if possible! (Also I was trying to find crediting information for these pictures but couldn't...if these pictures don't work out, that's fine; you can try to find similar ones. These pictures really capture the vision that was in my head when I was writing the fic!) [b]Other Images You Would Like:[/b] Pictures of plants/flowers (on the darker side), if they'd work with the rest of the banner! [b]Quotes to use on Graphic:[/b] "She refused to be tied down." [b]Color Preferences:[/b] Dark cool colors--palettes inspired by these pictures: one, two, three, four, and five. [b]Mood of Your Story:[/b] Dark, angsty, but with a light of hope near the end, painful, feminist, etc. [b]Animation? If so, how?[/b] None! [b]Additional Information:[/b] Thank you in advance ❤️
  5. Name: Shreya Tumblr: shreya-sunshine Twitter: shreyofsunshine
  6. Hi! I'm Shreya, and I'm very bad at introductions :D I was brought here through HPFT, where I've admired everyone's beautiful graphics for soooo long. Photoshop was actually pre-installed for free on the laptop my college got me, but it's been too confusing/intimidating every time I've opened it. I'm fairly comfortable with the other programs in the Adobe suite though so I figured I should learn how to use Photoshop haha :P I'm most interested in making picspams/banners/chapter images! Everyone at TDA seems really nice ^_^ Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  7. I don’t need an icon, and it looks spectacular I’m in love! Thank you so much 😍
  8. Size: 500x200 Images: Feel free to find whichever ones best suit the set, but here are some of my favorites! 1 2 Text: My name is Kamala Khan and I’m here to take out the trash. Color Preferences: ideally colors that go well with kamala’s colors (so blue, red, yellow). Preferred Mood: Optimistic, fierce, superhero-y Link to Place to be Used: HPFT profile Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on [i]any[/i] site): Haven’t before! Additional Information: I’d like something on the more minimalist side! Let me know if I should find more pictures/if you have trouble finding pictures. Please don’t use pictures of any cosplayers—just pictures from the comics/promotional art. Thank you in advance ❤️
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