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  1. these are absolutely gorgeous!! will come back with a screencap soon 💖 edit: +here is the screencap!
  2. my bad! naturally, i cut off the screencap just before the last line. +here is with credit
  3. these are amazing!!!!! wow i'm actually in love with how sharp and clear and clean everything is and the colors just one thing though -- it's guinto with a g, not a q, if you wouldn't mind changing it i'm gonna be gong with the second one, so you don't have to change both of them.
  4. thank you!! your gallery is so gorgeous :fangirl: and thank you for letting me know!
  5. i'm very much in for a treat with her thank you so much!! i loooooove it
  6. i'm glad you're safe!! the areas around my school were evacuated too but luckily i've been home for winter break and omggg these are totally gorgeous :drop: rehosting and crediting with lots of looooove
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