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  1. sorry for the wait! but +here is the screencap!
  2. i'm...... this is so..... amAZING you beautiful soul thank you!! site is on shutdown until tomorrow (?) so i'll set it up when we come back online
  3. these are absolutely gorgeous!! will come back with a screencap soon 💖 edit: +here is the screencap!
  4. my bad! naturally, i cut off the screencap just before the last line. +here is with credit
  5. these are amazing!!!!! wow i'm actually in love with how sharp and clear and clean everything is and the colors just one thing though -- it's guinto with a g, not a q, if you wouldn't mind changing it i'm gonna be gong with the second one, so you don't have to change both of them.
  6. thank you!! your gallery is so gorgeous :fangirl: and thank you for letting me know!
  7. i'm very much in for a treat with her thank you so much!! i loooooove it
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