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  1. thank u for the squee <33333

  2. okay, here it is! If it works for you, please rehost and credit adrift at TDA!
  3. Oops! My bad, will do! or If these work for you, please rehost and credit adrift at TDA!
  4. okay, here it is! if it works for you, please rehost and credit adrift at TDA!
  5. omg do you watch rick and morty??? also tysm for all the squees! you're amazing and i'm a big fan of you <3

    1. adrift


      rick and morty is the best!!! so tragic that the wait is so long between seasons. and your work deserves all the squees!! such high qual design mixed with the best shows<3

    2. esoteric.


      i know, the wait is killing me! it's a great show! omg you're too too sweet! <3 your work seriously deserves all the squees. big fan over hereee <3

  6. thanks for the squee!! <3 you're too sweet and honestly YOU have flawless comp! (and excellent taste in tv, fellow office fan! :'D)

  7. How's this? If it works for you, please rehost and credit adrift at TDA!
  8. Amy, your gallery is so amazing, your graphics are truly goals on goalsss The colors you use are vibrant without being overpowering, and you blend everything together so seamlessly! I'm so impressed by everything in here. I especially love your hamylton blend (obvs, it's legendary), and your banners are perfect. Also your text use is great ?? The text on your Under the Stars chapter image is unbelievably good! Can't wait to see what you make next!! - Georgia
  9. Hi hi!! Your gallery is so lovely, and your banners are to die for! So soft and pretty, with great texture use! I also love that you're not afraid of bold fonts, they can add so much to a graphic! Can't wait to see what other pretties you make - Georgia
  10. Hi Amy! My gosh, thank you so much! Also, ur graphics are my everything goals, so Getting the text just right on a graphic sometimes (i.e always) takes up the most time out of the whole graphic process for me, it can be so tricky sometimes! Ahh thank you again for being so lovely!! xx
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