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  1. It has been SO long since I created a challenge graphic. One song, please :D Thank you!
  2. Congratulations, Grace!!! ❤️
  3. What a starry edition!! Loving this!! ❤️ And beautiful spotlight graphics as always :D
  4. Welcome to TDA, Trish!! :D Lovely to have you here!
  5. Okay here we go! ^_^ How is this? :) Of course if there are any edits, please let me know! Or you're welcome to reopen if you like, too :) Otherwise, you know the drill
  6. Hi! Welcome to TDA!! As a HP lover, I'm sure you will have absolutely no problem settling in :D You already have more graphics experience than when I first started out and the community here really helped on the goal to improve! So definitely make use of as many forums as you can, and the Duelling arena is a great way to push you out of your comfort zone :) If you ever fancy chatting or anything, feel free to drop me a message! ^_^ Shona
  7. Hiya! So here is what I've come up with, but I'm not sure if it exactly fulfils what you were looking for, so feel free to ask for edits if you'd like any changes or to reopen if it isn't what you're after :) If you do choose to use, please rehost and credit to Kirjava @TDA :) <3
  8. ^this sounds insane! Mine! I challenge thee to make a graphic (any size) using at least the following resources: +font +texture Any other resources are your choice! Please remember to credit ^_^
  9. Hiya! Here's what I've come up with :) If you'd like an icon as well, feel free to let me know ^_^ The same goes with any edits, too! If it isn't what you're after, you're also welcome to reopen :) If using, please rehost and credit to Kirjava @TDA ❤️
  10. Been a while since I posted any challenges! Let's fix this! >:)

  11. Congratulations Hunter and Mel!! So so deserved! ❤️ And omg thank you so much! 😮 I literally could not have done it without your guys help the whole time 😮 😮 And those awards are gorgeous!!
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