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    I like a lot of things. I'm eclectic when it comes to music. I change my background as often as I change my icons.

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  1. thanks for the welcome back guys! ^_^ sorry for the lack of updates on my part, but i hit a bit of a graphics slump recently hence the lack of new banner love DX and then got obsessed with working on some book trailers.
  2. hi. names alex. i was away for a long time and decided to pop on back in and was inspired to do some graphics outside of my wheelhouse. (or what's become my wheelhouse of ebook and print covers) B A N N E R S C H A P T E R H E A D E R S W A T T P A D C O V E R S W A L L P A P E R C R E D I T hq-pictures.com more coming soon. nearly all of
  3. omg HELLO. i was literally admiring your gallery and your site two days ago and i was showing one of my friends!! it's so lovely to see you online!

    1. Astariel


      thank you! X3

      yes i haven't been on tda for sometime. i was thinking of starting up a new gallery for some new graphics.

    2. afterglow


      you're welcome! and you def should. lubi and i would be incredibly happy haha

    3. Astariel


      If i do a new gallery do I need to open a new one and wait for it to be sorted or just start one up into staff myself?

  4. writing two different stories. it's a pain

  5. Congrats you guys! Welcome to the mod team! XD
  6. Excuse me while I die over your gallery! GORGEOUS WORK!! You definitely inspire me!
  7. let me just say that i love your signature! :D

    1. Sundrops


      heehee thank youu!!! I've recently rediscovered my love for Ben Barnes... he's just so attractive *o*

  8. Private - My Secret Lover (really great song!!)

  9. I have to say that I love your icon! :D Anything with Jude Law really is quite lovely to stare at :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Contour


      clearly not, judging by all the fangirling lmao

    3. niika


      one icon doesn't count :P thank you though you're making me feel all mushy inside <3 haha

    4. Contour


      ahahaha you're welcome? XD <3

  10. toasting and not getting tan.xD I planted a whole crap load of veggies and herbs today so I'm going to nurture those babies.xD I'm watching Person of Interest..xD Andrea made me. It's interesting. :O Whatcha up to? :D

  11. i wish there was toasty sun here, but alas...

    just catching up on Merlin. Apparently the new season had started and I didn't even know it until last night :D

    how are you doing with all your wonderful sun!?!?!

  12. -imagines snow- no, can't do it.. ^__^ sun's nice and toasty here but not too hot.. I just watched the new ep of criminal minds! really glad emily and jj are back.. how are you, love? :P

  13. Yo! IT'S SNOWING HERE!! and criminal minds XD haha

    just had to come and poke you for some fun! :)

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