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  1. Post your challenge ideas in this thread, using the general challenge form found below. Remember to make the challenge more difficult than the general challenges - ex. more than three graphics, different types of graphics, etc. Ideas can be posted by Junior+ artists, regardless of any other position you may hold on TDA (Member Artists may buy a chance to suggest an UC idea using Vault points!). Also, feel free to recycle any old ideas from the previous months that didn't win. It might be their lucky month this time around. For complete rules, +please see here. The last SIX successful UC ideas cannot be suggested again this month. The past six UCs are listed below, and none of those ideas can be suggested in this topic this month. If they are, they won't be included in the poll. You can re-suggest any ideas from past UC idea polls that were not successful in becoming the winning UC idea - just not that winning idea itself! Ideas that cannot be suggested this month: The Ultimate Black and White Challenge The Ultimate Rainbow Challenge The Ultimate Resource Challenge The Ultimate Continuous Banner Challenge The Ultimate Holiday Challenge The Ultimate Mixtape Challenge
  2. sm okay [img=https://i.postimg.cc/qBL4Hwt5/jeangrey.png]
  3. Size: 250x400 and 500x200 Images: up to artist! Text: alice winter Color Preferences: favoring cooler toned colors' Preferred Mood: nothing horrendously cheery Link to Place to be Used: my profile Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): never! Additional Information: i've been trying to make something work but i can't so i'm hoping someone else can! ❤️
  4. hi Liv!! I'm Sammi and I'm one of the Social Media Managers and the Dueling Arena mod here so if you have any questions about those areas or just want to chat/bounce ideas off one another, I'm always available via PM! Judging by your av and sig is it safe to assume you graphic as well?? Regardless, welcome aboard! ❤️
  5. Battle: @Kirjava vs @ShadowRose Rounds: 1. Create 3 banners (any size); 1 x coloured, 1 x monochrome, 1x greyscale/black & white 2. Create 2 vertical signatures using the same main font and text for both graphics 3. Create a manipulation or blend graphic up to the size of 1000x1000 4. Create 3 chapter images with text in the form of text textures only 5. Create 2 signatures (500 x 200) with some form of transparent canvas base to it. Battle Ends: May 5, 2019
  6. Challenge Issued By: hamylton. Challenge Title: The Ultimate Black and White Challenge Image Size: 6-9 700x110 banners, 500x200 signatures, 380x300 chapter images (or the vertical equivalents). Can mix and match! Text on image? up to artist Images: (Specifics?) up to artist Mood: up to artist Animation Yes/No: up to artist Other: (Color, font, etc.) This challenge is simple! Just make graphics that are completely black and white. No colour at all! Challenge ends: April 30, 2019 Do not post until you have a partial entry - we'll just delete your post. And, don't forget your thumbnail codes: [url=link to entry here][img=link to thumbnail here][/url] Thumbnails should be no larger than 250x400 or 400x250. Entries that do not include a thumbnail or with an incorrectly sized thumbnail will be disqualified.
  7. I’m a little ashamed it’s been so long since I’ve been on and graphiced I was about to compliment your set.... I made it 😐 

    1. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      That is the most hilarious thing ❤️ I'm glad you're backkkk.

    2. cheriechapstick


      Ocassionally I stop in ❤️ You know me life is so hectic 😭

  8. Challenge issued by: jellybean jones Challenge title: The Recast Challenge Image size: 1-3 signatures, banners, chapter images Text: Character's Name Specific Images: Up to Artist Mood: Artist's choice Animation: Artist's choice Other information: For this challenge, recast a character from a movie, book, television show, etc. and create a graphic of your choosing to show them off! You can create multiple graphics for one character or different ones as you desire, but as always have fun! If you're okay with us posting this on social media (with attribution, of course!), please say so when you post your entry. Thank you! Challenge ends: 15th April, 2019 Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here]
  9. Our challenges are looking rather sparse! If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to post some! ❤️

    1. XxTheAvengerXxX


      In a suggestion area or post an actual challenge?

    2. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      Either way! There's a suggestion area in the Inspire Me! Forum if you don't feel up to adding a challenge!

    3. XxTheAvengerXxX


      I just checked the rules, since I'm not ranked I can't post one. So I'll put up a suggestion. :)

  10. Please post all entries for this month's YBW in this thread; moderators will separate entries by rank in the polls. Remember to edit your posts to change your entry rather than posting again. You may post your Most Improved or Designer entries separately but you are not required to. Only a series of up to 50 icons is allowed. They must have an overarching theme and be cohesive. Graphics made using tutorials, psds, etc. cannot be entered as they are not entirely your own work. Canvases cannot be more than 1000x1000 - please use thumbnails if submitting a larger entry Your 'Most Improved' entry must be your YBW entry from last month and this month. Remember to post the image code with your entry! [img=image url here] OR [img]image url here[/url]
  11. Welcome to April's (Cycle 50) 'I Challenge Thee'! Similar to the one in the Inspire Me forum, the main purpose of this challenge is to keep the thread continuous. Once you decide a challenge is for you, you may post that you are in to take it and then in turn you will have to post a challenge for the person below you, and so on and so forth. Once you've completed your challenge, please return and edit it into your entry complete with the appropriate image codes. Please be aware that if you don't include a challenge for the next person, your post will be deleted. At the end of each month, we will compile all the entries in this cycle into a poll for you all to cast your vote on. The graphic with the most votes will then earn its place in our 'I Challenge Thee' Hall of Fame. The last challenge from March's thread is from choobaca:
  12. Have ideas for a an ultimate challenge? Now is the time to shine!  Post your ideas here for April!


  13. Hi Mel! I'm Sammi and I'm one of the mods around here (specifically for the dueling arena) so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I absolutely recommend checking out the tutorials and challenges--that was something that really helped me when I started out, and don't be afraid to also take advantage of the critique corner as well! You'll find everyone here is super duper friendly and I am also available if you have any questions, or ideas, or just feel like chatting to someone! I look forward to seeing what more you come up with!! ❤️❤️
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