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  1. jellybean jones

    February's Member's Choice Promotion!

    Congratulations Steph!! Very well deserved!
  2. jellybean jones

    February YBW

    Designer Entry: [img=https://i.postimg.cc/j29qn74r/IMG-0858.jpg] Junior: TBD
  3. Kinda want to battle...kinda terrified to because everyone is so so talented

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jellybean jones

      jellybean jones

      Ahhh. I mean, I'm down if you'd like to!

    3. Symple Lish

      Symple Lish

      Sure! I'll pm you. n_n

    4. finxter365


      It's so worth it!! It reeeeeeally pushes you! 

  4. jellybean jones

    Battle #164 finxter365 vs. Kirjava

    Battle: @finxter365 & @Kirjava Rounds: 5 1. 1 new signature using 5 complimentary colors (on a canvas with sample of color palette included; Adobe Color Wheel - any genre/any mood) 2. 2 new banners, opposites (any genre/any mood) 3. 3 chapter sig, one for each stage of life (childhood, teenager, adulthood - any genre/any mood) 4. any size, no people, animal(s) only (any genre/any mood) 5. 24 icons 100x100, 150x150, or mix (any genre/any mood) Battle Ends: February 15, 2019
  5. I can give this a shot! edit: here is what i came up with!
  6. jellybean jones

    believe me, i'm lying

    Welcome back! You're gallery is GORGEOUS. Everything is so vividly colored and bright and it makes my heart so, so happy. My favorite thing here is the Burn blend--the whole thing is so creative and I love how the word burn actually looks a part of the flames too!!
  7. jellybean jones

    [misc] the monochrome challenge

    sm ok [img=https://i.postimg.cc/NMbj6kkz/msbeliever.png]
  8. jellybean jones

    [misc] The One-Text Texture Challenge

  9. jellybean jones


    Hi Rhi! I do agree with Kris--join us in making a gallery! haha. At any rate, if you ever need inspiration of any sort, I always recommend perusing the challenges and participating as well! The tutorial section is a godsend when I first got started as well! Either way, I'm Sammi and if you need anything or have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me!
  10. jellybean jones

    in time i will leave the city

    Welcome--paintings are done with acrylic paint on canvas and photographs are taken by a Canon camera whenever I remember to bring it (Photography coming soon)
  11. jellybean jones

    i'm torn

    I chose the first banner because I think it makes the focal point a lot more clear! I do like both of them a lot though!
  12. jellybean jones

    The Ultimate Resource Challenge

  13. jellybean jones

    I Challenge Thee - Cycle 48

    [img=https://i.postimg.cc/7LfqkFvP/challengethee48.png] I challenge thee to make a banner with at least 20 words!
  14. jellybean jones

    February's Featured Artist!

    Congrats Steph! So deserving, you are such a delight to have around the site!
  15. jellybean jones

    February Promotions!

    Congratulations you three! Enjoy your new colors! Such a deserving bunch!
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