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  1. i'm sososo bad at responding to these but much love and thanks to each and every one of you ;-; these comments really make my day and i swear i'll come back and edit this as to respond to each of you individually!!
  2. @charity: ee thank you for the warm welcome!! i'm hoping to post a gallery soon haha but i'm super hyped to check out yours in the mean time!! @cherryberry: wooo we can be (sort of) newbies together ;D super stoked for your gallery though! will deffo check it out once you put it up :OO @shona: ahhh ty so much ;-; it took almost the entire day haha <3 and most of the graphics i make have been for rpgs so i think i'm most comfortable with signatures!! but blends and banners are quickly going up the list. alSO WOAH I JOINED POTTERSWORLD THIS PAST AUGUST!!!! who do you handle omg :O I d
  3. hey!! i'm karine (but you can call me kara!), total newbie at this whole graphic design community thing but i decided to finally give it a go after making graphics on tumblr and rpgs for.... almost 5 years wow o.o i also have some very persuasive friends haha and even though they aren't as active anymore, they really recommended it since i'm making graphics a lot more often lately. i've been fangirling over kpop since 2012, eat an insane amount of toast, can probably be found at your local pho store speaking very broken vietnamese, will quote the office to you by heart && am planning o
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