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  1. Heyyy, noticed the texture on the page sorry and thought you were someone familiar sorry. Iā€™m getting a lot of that now. šŸ˜ž

  2. *fails at replying to comments* glad you'll be around more, that's super good to hear! ugh super good? that's way worse than abusing exclamation points xD whateveeerrr *fail again*

  3. Hey! Sorry I've been a bit AWOL! I'm planning on spending more time on TDA! I just don't have internet at home so it's a little hard at the moment!

    (wow. I really overuse exclamation marks don't I!)

  4. Happy birthday <3

  5. happy birthday, rachel!!! :)

  6. Happy birthday!!! <333

  7. happy birthday xx

  8. Hiya. Can you PM me the pw for the BBLB forum? I can't get in :/

  9. hello ;D thank you!

  10. Congrats! Welcome to the mods :D

  11. Congrats :D Welcome to the mod team!

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