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  1. Violet

    An Apology

    In response to those asking for more MA promotions: yes, it would be the loveliest thing (I loved promoting people - it's one of those fuzzy-feeling moments), but one of the major worries about promotions is whether you're promoting for the right reasons. Numbers and sympathy are the last two reasons anyone should be promoted, and as many of the JAs and SAs have raised, no one wants to have their work devalued, even in the case of receiving a promotion too soon. The question of standards for each rank could be re-evaluated - for instance, how much inconsistency is acceptable (be it between ban
  2. Violet

    An Apology

    I'm sorry too. I lost my temper - a good reason why I stopped being admin. It's not a good temperament to have when you're trying to juggle a site like this. The word elitism has appeared a few times in this thread, and I think that it's sibling privilege should also enter the conversation. Those of us who have been staff artists for far too long are privileged with experience and a system that required less work for us to go further. I was promoted to Staff in August 2006 after less than a year of making graphics, and that was so wrong - even at the time, I didn't deserve it. How can I fully
  3. *creeps in* You look good in red. They couldn't have picked better. You're awesome, Ayesha!

    1. afterglow


      Ahhh Susan!! I was just thinking of you. Haha thank you so much!! I have to admit it's super weird that I'm in red and you're in blue :P

  4. Violet

    *hugs* Thank you! *more hugs* because I can't think of what else to say.

  5. Fox

    I went on a super long walk down TDA memory lane today and ended up here. Because you are super awesome and inspirational and I don't think I ever told you that enough. So yeah.../random sappy moment.

  6. Susannnnn.....we miss you and your lovely graphics my dear! <3 Hope to see you on here again soon!

  7. Come back, susan looove.

  8. SUSAN! <3 so lovely to see your graphics again *_____* how've you been, darlin??

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Violet


      Oldies unite! I'll be finishing up this year, but then it's the whole job market thing and that's a terrifying place. Are there still a few oldies around here? I haven't had time to really explore in a while.

    3. afterglow


      ahhh congratulations, though! it's been a long road. i'm sure you'll do wonderful :) good luck! yeah, there are - kara has just come back, bea is around, lubi pops in every now and again (though she makes graphics regularly on the side, we're still best friends haha) and sami is hoping to come back once things have slowed down a bit. shannon and krys are around as well, and enya is here, but that goes without saying. we all miss you, of course :3

    4. Violet


      I miss all of you too! It's strange to be so out of the loop with graphics after being in the middle of it for so long!

  9. Excellent work, admins and staff! You've perked the site right up.
  10. Name: Susan Tumblr: violetephemera Twitter: n/a Skype: n/a Other:
  11. Hi Liz! I'm doing well - just keeping busy. How about you? :)

    1. arielle!


      Pretty good :) Just working and trying to get back into graphics. Attempted digital painting. O.o

  12. Hey, Susan! Just dropping by to see how you were! :)

  13. Congrats, Karine! Enjoy the red!
  14. How did I miss this post? Welcome to the red team, Jess! It's fabulous to see you in red! ^_^
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