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  1. Thanks guys for the lovely praises. I was inactive here but now decided to resume again! I will update gallery soon-ish! <3
  2. Thank you so much guys for welcoming me here! <3 I'm trying to get the hang of things here. I glad that I joined as challenges here are really good. (:
  3. Thank you so much for making this! this signature is perfect! <3 Do I need to post screencap after posting this set on my profile? Okay I'll remember that! Ty
  4. Hey thanks a ton for creating this beautiful set so quick <3 I want some small changes tho. Like the text in signature, can you move it to the upper left side of her? And what I meant by color pop is a Black-white set with only 1 or 2 prominent color. You don't have to change the coloring since for this set it worked well! Just move the text please.
  5. Size: 500x200 signature 200x300 icon Images: any image of Sophie Turner. Not any angry looking pic plz Text: "you are the sum of all my lives". No text on avatar. Color Preferences: upto the artist Preferred Mood: bright. With some color pop? Link to Place to :my profile Link to Screencap: screencap of my profile When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? (on any site): this is the first request for this set Additional Information:
  6. titli | India | Photoshop CS6 Thanks everyone for visiting my gallery. :eat: The top-most is the latest. ---------- I C O N S Photo credit: Yugo Takahashi @behance B A N N E R S/ H E A D E R S S I G N A T U R E S C H A P T E R I M A G E S Coming soon B L E N D S O T H E R S C R E D I T S Fonts: brushez.com, 1001fonts.com and dafont.com Stock/Model images/textures: eleganceuss Carllton cataclysmicly RavenHeart1989 tuschen sweetpoisonresources endl-ess-ly Abbysidian BHPhotopacks southsidepngs confidentpngs Vanessax17 Evey-V marioantonio23 sylvador123 jakepatt Weirdly-PNGS RavenOrlov MAGIC-PNGS ExoticPngs from deviatart .amaris abhorsen. from TDA Other photos: hqdiesel, screencapped.net, behance, Fan galleries - 1 2 3 4
  7. Hello people I'm Titli. I've been using PS to make graphics for 4 yrs now and making those dA style graphics for last 2 yrs. I come to this site by following the ad posted @cttw. I'm an active member of shadowplay and I can see few SP fellows here too. I want to participate in challenges as much as I can. I saw some of the brilliant ideas around here. that's all for now!
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