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  1. please credit to archer. and rehost(imgur is a good site btw), and I really hope you like it.
  2. ya like my new icon? 😃

  3. [b]Graphic Quest Name:[/b] Angie's Quest [b]Artist Name:[/b] archer. [b]Challenge:[/b] complete old challenges to challenge myself artistically
  4. archer.

    HPFF News

    Can't believe my teenage years are shutting down. :[ I'll miss HPFF and its lovely staff, writers and contributors. <3333
  5. here you go! and remember please remember to thank and credit me as archer. I hope you like the set and if you need any changes, don't heistate to ask.
  6. here you go: please credit to archer. and if you have nay questions or need me to change something, please don't hesitate to ask edit: oh I did not know. I'll wait for a mod for any changes. sorry.
  7. Back at school and already I'm piled up with homework. kill me, pls.

    1. Photoshopfreak


      My 5 year old has kindergarten homework...... I asked my mom if I had homework when I was in kindergarten and she said no.... WTF.

    2. archer.


      all we did was nap. it's crazy that they have homework.

  8. I'll change it up then. So sorry about that! okay here is the re-do: i hope you like it, please remember to credit: archer.@tda thank you!
  9. alright here it is: I hope you like it and if you do please remember to credit me: archer.@tda thank you!
  10. Happy Birthday, Becca! I miss your lovely graphics. <3
  11. here it is! I hope you like it and if you need me to make any changes, I can do that. If you like it like this instead, credit me at archer.@tda
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