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  1. Such a beautiful theme this month. The newsletter was a lot of fun to read - as well. Congratulations on your promotion, @iron man!
  2. Welcome to TDA Nicole! I enjoy role playing as well. What's your favorite genre in RP? I miss The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Arrow is a great show. Though I have only seen a few episodes on Netflix. I hope you enjoy your time here! I hope to see you in the challenges on here. They are a great way to practice.
  3. Another awesome Digest! Congratulations to everyone and those jokes were great!
  4. Wonderful newsletter as always! I especially enjoyed reading the information about Hanukkah. I had never known what it was about. And the layout and featured graphics are simply stunning. I also enjoyed reading the interview. Music is a great inspiration.
  5. That was a fantastic read! I especially enjoyed reading the interview with RockAndRoll and the piece on Harry Potter. Jones, HP made a huge impact on my twenties since I struggled so hard with health issues. It gave me a chance to leave my real life and enter a absolutely wonderful experience in both the books (actually I only own two of the books) and all the movies.
  6. I unfortunately have to take insulin once every 24 hours as of tomorrow morning. My diabetes is out of control and my blood sugar count is sky high.

    1. Caren


      my family relatives with diabetes would take a teaspoon of apple cider vinagar and mix it with water to drink every few days to lower the sugar count naturally. look it up.

    2. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      ACV is the elixir of life.

    3. steve harrington

      steve harrington

      Not a medical professional but my dad does the same thing and his A1C is way down!

  7. I’m home from the hospital now. I had a health scare this past Tuesday night. But all is well.

  8. Thank you for the information about the fan fiction site, Abhorsen. I joined this past weekend.
  9. Thanks Choo! I'll check out those sties!
  10. Oh okay. Thank you for letting me know.
  11. What was HPFF? I hadn’t known about that site.
  12. Thank you Jones. My computer I don't think could run Overwatch. Plus I don't do well playing shooter games on a PC anyway. I did post a gallery and I'm waiting for a member of staff to respond. But you'll definitely see me a lot on here. I love this site already. And I just wanted to say that I love that you guys have resources on here such as stock and model photos that aren't copyrighted.
  13. Hello all. My name is Jason but you can call me Jay. I've been graphic designing for close to four years now. I don't know how to do everything. I have no clue how to do colorization of images. I use both Photoshop CS3 and the newest version of Gimp. I was using Photoshop CS6 Extended but I messed it up and I accidently deleted it. And unfortunately my copy of CS3 is only in Spanish. But I'm getting by because I can't afford Adobe Photoshop CC. I practice my graphic skills every day or every other day. When I'm not doing that I enjoy playing Skyrim Special Edition, Battlefield 1 &
  14. I found about this site on Shadowplay. Someone had posted the banner along with the site's links in the resources section. Once I read that it's similar to SP as far as graphic design challenges and galleries I immediately got interested.
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