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  1. Ah I love them so much. Now that I've seen them both I'll go for the more coloured one, it's just too pretty not to! (took me way too long to decide there) Thank you dear! 😍 Rehosted, credited aaaand screenshoted +here
  2. Size: 500 x 200 Images: Gigi Hadid as Tatiana from NWA (M) A hooded figure If they work then any skulls, roses, mirrors, snakes or anything generally like that but I don't really have specifics in mind. Text: Close your eyes, it sometimes helps. Color Preferences: limited colour, mostly black and white with dark purple as an accent Preferred Mood: ahhh... dark and gothic-sortof-romanticish? if that make sense? Link to Place to be Used: +here Link to Screencap: +here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? October 2018 Additional Information: thank you for doing this Kris ❤️
  3. Taaaaaaaylor!!! Okay so first of all I can't belive I haven't commented on your gallery yet! I was so sure I had done. It seems so obvious to say but you really have come such a long way since you started. I've seen all of your graphics around HPFT (obviously lol, you are the official Gryffindor signature maker afterall 😋) but you really are incredible these days! My favourites have got to be the new "satisfied" banner, the colouring is wonderful and it's just so damn pretty, the "starlight" banner because oh my gosh 😍😍 I'm just so in awe of your skills there! And of obviously the Yaxley signature because it's not only beautifully done but I've also adored it since you made it for me 💜 I can't wait to see what you've got lined up for us next! Deni xx
  4. @Kirjava Hi Shona! Eek, gosh thank you! I've got a soft spot for that Revival blend so it's so nice to hear that you like it! @sheepish. I love a good odd layer mixing too! Thank you so much for stopping by! ❤️ @steve harrington oooh that's so pretty 😍 I hope you had an amazing holiday season and new year! @finxter365 wow the promo was so unexpected and incredible! Thank you hun!
  5. Oh my gosh thank you so much! Congratulations to lady.luck and to Zoe as well! ❤️
  6. @jellybean jones Hi Sammi! Wow thank you, I've got a bit of a soft spot for the Revival pieces since they're for one of my WIPs on HPFT but oh my god yes!! Someone else likes using yellow!!! I try to get it into nearly everything before I give up and admit it doesn't go 😂 but it went nicely here. Let the yellow take over begin! @GorJesSpazzer! haha those graphics are both for a pretty news/Prophet based fic, so I'm very glad they're intriguing for you! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the lovely comments! 😊
  7. steve harrington - Hi!! Thank you so much! Gosh my blending always gives me such a huge headache so thank you that is so sweet! I'll be sure to send you any questions I have! Taaaaylor! - Agh! Thank you for stopping by, you know it's mostly your fault that I'm here, right? ( Ohmygod that banner was a labour of love that I'm oddly very pleased with so thank you hun!!) I can't wait to start building it up more! xx
  8. I LOVE IT!! Thank you dear! Screenshot is +here (and that just seemed like the appropriate one to use lol)
  9. Size: 500 x 200 Images: Emily DiDonato as Cassie and Ben Barnes as Sirius Text: Main Text: Yaxley Other text: Say my name and everything just stops Color Preferences: Dark, preferably purples or blues. Preferred Mood: Romantic, mysterious, dark. (You've read the story, you know what it's like!) Link to Place to be Used: +Here Link to Screencap: +Here When was the last time you requested a graphic for this forum profile? This is the first time. Additional Information: Any other images you want to include are up to you! You've read Yaxley and I trust your judgement with graphics! Thank you doing this Taylor!
  10. Deni. 19. Scotland. Photoshop. Hello! I've been making graphics for a couple of months now so thought it was about time to start an attempt at a gallery. So here we are, Welcome! Banners Chapter Images Signatures Blends Credits +Here
  11. I'll be sure to reach out since HA- I'm going to need both critiques and advice. Thanks for coming to say hi, Taylor!
  12. Lovely to meet you both!! I'll keep the PMing and screaming in mind, I will 100% have to do that at some point! I need to check those out, I desperately need stock and image packs right now haha! Thanks for the welcomes x
  13. Thank you so much for the welcome! Of course we can bond over cats, I look forward to it! I will do if i ever need anything and thank you again! ^_^
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