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  1. Taaaaaaaylor!!! Okay so first of all I can't belive I haven't commented on your gallery yet! I was so sure I had done. It seems so obvious to say but you really have come such a long way since you started. I've seen all of your graphics around HPFT (obviously lol, you are the official Gryffindor signature maker afterall 😋) but you really are incredible these days! My favourites have got to be the new "satisfied" banner, the colouring is wonderful and it's just so damn pretty, the "starlight" banner because oh my gosh 😍😍 I'm just so in awe of your skills there! And of
  2. I'll be sure to reach out since HA- I'm going to need both critiques and advice. Thanks for coming to say hi, Taylor!
  3. Lovely to meet you both!! I'll keep the PMing and screaming in mind, I will 100% have to do that at some point! I need to check those out, I desperately need stock and image packs right now haha! Thanks for the welcomes x
  4. Thank you so much for the welcome! Of course we can bond over cats, I look forward to it! I will do if i ever need anything and thank you again! ^_^
  5. Taylor!!! HI!!! I couldn't let you have all the fun, could I? I'm excited to be on TDA! A gallery will happen eventually, like, as soon as I have enough stuff to put in one!
  6. You got me here in the end Kris!! So excited to join the Dark Sid- I mean... Arts... Hi Zoe! I've been wanting to properly join for ages because I've heard from SO many people that their graphics got better when they joined, so here's hoping!
  7. I've been bullied into told encouraged to get my act together and stop hanging around in the shadows... Figured I should post in here to say hi. Hi! I'm Deni, a 19 year old, sometimes actress/ occasional drama teacher/ mostly bartender and cat fanatic from Scotland. I know some of you already from HPFT where I'm under the username Sleepingbagonthesofa (you lot are to blame for me being here) but if I don't then it's lovely to meet you! I love Harry Potter and am undeniably a Gryffindor - with the lion tattoo to prove it. I started posting my writing and getting into the online ff commu
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