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  1. Hey Ana!  I saw you post in a challenge and thought your style seemed familiar and I was right!  (It's Rowan from HNZ :P  Hi!)


    Speaking of, I absolutely love your style!  Your composition is gorgeous and your colouring is dreamy.  I don't know how to put this in words properly the "particle effects" you've used (the petals in Rhiannon's sig are the clearest example of what I mean) do a great job of tying elements together and making it look cohesive.  Think my favourites overall are Aerin and Aaliyah :) 

  2. Hi! I'm Rowan. I've been lurking TDA for a while now & finally got my stuff together and actually joined.


    I started making graphics for RP forums in the late 2000s but had a long stint off (while I was away from forums all together) and I've just been getting back into it the last couple of years. I'm still playing catchup somewhat, since photoshop & the ways people make graphics have come a long way in the last decade. I've been experimenting more and more recently and trying to up my game, and this place has been a big inspiration. I'm really keen and eager to learn from all the collected wisdom on TDA. I don't think anything I've made is fitting with the rules at the moment (I only recently stopped using PSDs for colouring) so it'll be a while before I have anything I can post, but I'm excited to get into the community and create with you talented people :)

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