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  1. honestly the day i find this font i'm going to just scream out of happiness 

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    2. wanderedaway


      I'll do some looking and see if I can find it. :)

    3. wanderedaway


      Not a complete match, but really close: Squealer on 1001 Fonts.

    4. copilot


      ❤️ you are an angel for even looking, thank you 

  2. hi there! i'm em/emily/faeruhs/godslayer/galclutchenyuk and i'm a new bab around here! (although i've been making 'things' since 2012) i've been dabbling in photoshop in the same way i approach a bath: if it's too hot on my toes, i jump out. hoping to work up the courage to share some of my stuff, although my Ancient edits are on tumblr. see y'all around!
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