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  1. honestly the day i find this font i'm going to just scream out of happiness 

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    2. wanderedaway


      I'll do some looking and see if I can find it. :)

    3. wanderedaway


      Not a complete match, but really close: Squealer on 1001 Fonts.

    4. copilot


      ❤️ you are an angel for even looking, thank you 

  2. ahhh bex! thank you for stopping by, it means a lot 😘 just the other day i tweeted about how i feel my composition is basically just stick everything a little to the left and be done with it so for someone else to say i'm actually experimenting is really helpful! and the fact you said my banner for The Midas Touch was very 2011 really struck me - i actually started writing it in 2011 and i find it kinda poetic that it kinda fits that era in a graphic too? haha - emily
  3. @steve harrington ahhhh thank you 😍 @keyofdea
  4. @sheepish. ahlsajda! hiii! thank you! i have a real weak spot for lightning lmaoooo i need to find something else to break it up! 😂 i have a brush set that does clouds and stuff and i love love love it, big sucker for sky themes here! @Athymia Paradise ahlahas thank you! it means a lot 💞 spencer is definitely my favourite character (although luke now has a special place in my heart) so there's def going to be spencer content around here 👀 & hopefully i'll have something from killing eve up... when i've decided on a background for it 😂
  5. @Kirjava aja;pakd hi! thank you so much! 💞 @jellybean jones hi! thank you so much! i love lightning on graphics - it literally seems to solve all my woes lmao - i just slapped that badboy down on the sansa one and i was like "BINGO"! 💞 @starbuck. ahhh hiiiiiya kris! (no surprise that i finally got the cabbages to post stuff) - i absolutely adore spencer but his HAIR is such a pain to try and cut out lmao, i full on just used an eraser to remove the background from that screencap 😰 💞
  6. emily / 22 / photoshop / student (wacom intuos pt m) (i really like lightning apparently) newest at the top; banners; sigs; chapter images; icons; others; promotions; by the ever wonderful starbuck credits++
  7. ok, so i'm having a little bit of banter .. and by banter i mean i'm getting an error .. with trying to upload an icon from a url (hence the raccoon) please could somebody help me/advise so that we can get this bread together. thank you!
  8. hi there! i'm em/emily/faeruhs/godslayer/galclutchenyuk and i'm a new bab around here! (although i've been making 'things' since 2012) i've been dabbling in photoshop in the same way i approach a bath: if it's too hot on my toes, i jump out. hoping to work up the courage to share some of my stuff, although my Ancient edits are on tumblr. see y'all around!
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