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  1. ok so I made two options the first is with the picture you found - but it was very dark and difficult to work with (given the light background): A second option with sam claffin who you mentioned: while I don't think any are perfect, the second one turned out better - my options are limited, sorry :P let me know what you think
  2. I can! and don't worry about it, I'm awfully specific as well I will do my best and return tomorrow with a few options (including that photo) :)
  3. what do you think of this? (it's surprisingly difficult to find men who smile :P) anyways, I don't want you to be unhappy and I'm willing to put in another photo if you can find one that is ok to use :)
  4. HI Lia, thank you so much, you're so sweet the sig is the one of the first things I made (need to make a new one ) - I'm so happy you like all of my banners! I find that every time I try to make something else, it just fails hopefully I'll grow into it soon thanks again PS: a good quality picture (paired with a decent moisturizer) is a must for flawless skin :P
  5. Taylor - thank you so much I really like playing with textures on people - next step is figuring out how to incorporate more stocks! the picspam is probably my favorite this far, since graphics are still tricky for me, so I'm happy you like it ^^ Nim - thank you, I'm happy to be here I rather liked the yellow as well, so I'm super excited that you commented on it. I had no idea my aesthetic was dark when I started out, that's just how they end up 😂 right now I'm beginning to play around with some more colors ^^
  6. Hi Shayley - I'm Beth and also new as a artist on here, so I just wanted to say hello I feel you on the age-thing, I just turned 25 and feel like a wrinkled dinosaur just by saying that. Also people tend to over-plan their weddings, so hey, maybe it's a good thing, avoiding all that stress - congrats btw. and I'm excited to see what you make!
  7. Hey Taylor - just dropping by to gush a little I'm so so impressed by your use of animations - they create such a dynamic effect - everything really comes alive. I absolutely LOVE your space-ship blend!! I also adore your banners for upave my path and satisfied - they're amazing, but tbh, everything here is incredible
  8. Hey alison I think your texts are absolutely gorgeous! you really manage to get a lot in it, wow. Your colors are amazing and I especially adore your banner 'I could turn around useless' and your final blend that girl looks fierce, I wonder who she is?
  9. kris! Alright so it isn't exactly a secret that I LOVE your aesthetic - and not that I've seen everyone's galleries yet, but this is, by far, my favorite! I'm just completely enchanted and baffled by how you manage to make them all so complex without being messy - everything just works. So I'm not going to comment on any of your specific techniques because I'm completely clueless on that 😂 BUT my favorites has to be your Nuclear Love banner, that run-run-run sig and your Quin+james+scorp picspams. The sheer quality is mind-boggling and everything is just so amazingly dark and cohesive and I'm utterly speechless *wipes away the drool*
  10. Sammi! I'm so happy you like my aesthetic - I'm still working on it though and thanks, I can't wait to show more !
  11. Hey Sammi, thanks for the warm welcome I've already learned a few new things from the tutorials - and all the incredible textures and resources here - it's a goldmine! - and I'll definitely join that challenge
  12. Hey mia, great to see another newbie I'm already considering participating in the resource-me challenge - but maybe that's too soon ^^
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