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  1. Hello friend! Glad to hear you decided to give us a go! We are definintely no-drama and everyone here is incredibly encouraging. I like to believe that everyone is bad at something until they practice, so jump in some challenges, do every tutorial you can, and have a ball! I agree that PS is my therapy, so you may find it quite relaxing to be here. Welcome and do enjoy!
  2. Hey Rhi, I'm Steph! Welcome to the dark side TDA! We welcome all! I agree with Sammi on the tutorials. They have been life savers and are really user friendly. If you ever have any questions, let me know!
  3. I just want to give a HUGE shout out to all the people who write AND create graphics. I honestly don't know how you do it. I have so many HPFF chapters in my head but don't want to take the time to write it all out. #YouTheBomb.Com

  4. Congrats on your promotion!!! So well-deserved! I'm so happy for you! ❤️
  5. Congratulations!!! I adore your work - you so deserve the promo!! ❤️
  6. Love love love the template! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors, so even if it's an accent color, it makes it that much more pretty. Congrats, once more, on all the promos! Happy birthday to all in the month of February! Yay to us that share it with good ol' Abe! I will never not love recipes. The hubby and myself always love trying new ones (shown by the 3 cookbooks we recently acquired through holidays and birthdays), so these here add to the desire to learn more! I agree with Sammi on the stats. It seems so mathematical, but it really is interesting
  7. Thank you so much! 😍 Sammi and Taylor, same to you! Can't wait to work with y'all ❤️
  8. Hello friend! Welcome to TDA. I'm Steph, a Ravenclaw and fellow fanfic and OF writer. We have a pretty amazing community of people here. There are so many people here with different interests and an incredible knowledge base that finding face claims should not be an issue. Feel free to throw a question about it in the chat and everyone will see it!
  9. I keep meaning to pop in here, so here I am, finally. This is one of my absolute favorite pieces on this entire site. This Bowtruckle sig is also super stinkin' cute! Love love love looking at your gallery!
  10. What's up girlfran. I am Stephanie! Also a writer of the fiction of fans; haven't in a while, but that's what brought me back to TDA after a good long hiatus. Unlike Taylor, I am not very friendly. I also have a sarcastic and dry sense of humor. Welcome back!
  11. So, text. I love every single piece of it. In 99% of them, it looks like you use a hex# dabbed from the entire piece itself. In +this+ one though, the teal is a completely extracurricular color. How did you decide to use that specific one? Did you use a color wheel or was that your own, magnificent mind? PS. I didn't realize I needed Chris Hemsworth/Lily James movie/show/thing until now?? Praise you ❤️
  12. Hey! I just got around to reading your About Me here on your profile, and I couldn't help but chuckle at this: 



    i read a lot of YA and adult fantasy novels (adult just meaning not YA, not like "adult" in the other way adult is sometimes used...)


     I think it just made my day! What "adult" ;) fantasty books are your favorites?  😂

    1. choobacca


      lmao. well NK Jemisin is one of my favorite authors, and i love the Eternal Sky trilogy by Elizabeth Bear. what about you??

    2. finxter365


      I'm a Lord of the Rings and Sword of Truth person myself. Anything by Tolkien is a must-have, and after reading his stuff recently, it's really hard to get into other fantasies. I'm actually listening to The Witcher series 1 book right now. Have you given that a shot?


    3. choobacca


      No! What's it about? I'll add it to my (very, very long) list! 

  13. Kaitlyn, your style is absolutely stunning! The mutedness of literally everything is so Vogue worthy. ❤️
  14. Welcome back, Mia! Getting back into it will suck you in, beware! But it's a great feeling coming back here. Looking forward to seeing you around the boards!
  15. I found your gallery through the DA Awards this year and have been meaning to come by and leave a squee. Your text blows me out of the water. It's what I've used on numerous occasions as inspiration. The way it always integrates so well with the graphic is mesmerizing. There's also normally a lot going on in any given graphic, but I love it - every piece just fits and simply adds to the story behind the graphic. Lovely, lovely gallery. ❤️
  16. I don't even know where to start! We talked about this in the chat, but Amy, your colorizations.I'm not going to lie, when I see colorizations, I look for the most blatant coloring (hair, eyebrows, lips) and yours are all pure perfection, as if they were taken that way. Your Hamilton blend is bomb - freakin GIFs! Not to mention the coloring. You banners have this stunning vibrance to them (secret superpower??). I also appreciate that your signatures have a different feel to them than anything else; darker, somewhat grungier. I admire the Raven sig because I've been dying to do a 100 graphic, b
  17. Okay, your comp never ceases to amaze me. That and coloring. I feel like I could reach into my screen and pull them out and they'd feel like velvet. Or cashmere. One of the two. +This might be my all time favorite because of the way the paint drips look 3D. Or maybe they're not paint drips at all. It looks like a beautiful woven and intentional spread of marbled paint. Absolutely stunning. Aside from loving all of it, +this might be my favorite of the sigs. The way the flowers are so clear, but it looks smoky, I adore it. Hope you make more soon!
  18. Dearest Shona. One whose graphics I will never not love. You have done the exact same thing with icons and I couldn't agree more. They are a bane on the community's existence. I think what I love most about your graphics are the comp, quality, and coloring. You have all three in literally every single graphic. I don't know why, but my mind goes numb every time I see Xena Rhodes. There's something about it that just releases massive amounts of serotonin, I swear. The use of negative space in Laura Moon's sig is also beautiful. Vertical banners - how do you even cope with those? Horizontal banne
  19. Returning the love! I cannot fathom how you get such vibrant colors to fit so perfectly together. I am still trying to figure that out without making it look sloppy. Plus you're already on gifs AND you have colorizations (I personally don't have the patience to do them!). You have such a strong start, like Kirjava said, and I'm looking forward to watching your progress!
  20. Thank you thank you!! So cool!
  21. Thinking about putting together a gradient package, but I'm not sure how interested people are in gradients? I've had my wedding pictures back for some time and have been wanting to create a palette library based off of it. Would anyone be interested in that?

  22. Hey that's my story, too (sans the staff artist, I was quite terrible back in the day), but I'm back as well! My name is Steph. I'm not much for answering questions, as I'm still learning my way around again, but I'd be willing to help in any way I can! Welcome back
  23. Thank you for the beautiful gallery header for Secret Santa! Merry Christmas!

    1. down-in-flames


      i'm so glad you like it! merry christmas to you too!! (even if it is a day or two late, lol)

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