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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that you're gallery is stunning! You are very talented :)

    1. Atari


      OhmyGosh Thank you so much! That means so much!!

    2. estelleblack
  2. Trying so very hard to start making decent graphics again!

  3. oh my dyed hair! that's comittment, I'm proud. Ah, I'll have to add it to my reading list! My friend is obsessed with the film. Oh that's exciting, what are you studying? <3

  4. Oh it was no problem at all! I was so surprised anyone even asked me :P I was very impressed with your banners too! :)

  5. I just wanted to say thanks so much for letting me do the Not Your Banner challenge. I had a blast recreating your amazing banner in my quirky way. Hope all is well! -Maggie

  6. I get told I look like an English Rose all the time haha. It was worse when I recently dyed my hair red for the HP premiere (I was Ginny lol) I am reading The Virgin Suicides right now, which is absolutely amazing. Sooo good lol Your day sounds so awesome. I'm packing for university right now, trying to figure out how much clothing to pack :/

  7. haha, baww <3 pale is pretty though, like an english rose. except you're american so idk if that makes sense haha! weeell, my day was very relaxed I just read (Great Expectations, are you reading anything at the moment?) And did some shopping. I bought a fancyshmancy hairbrush that feels so nice and now I'm obsessed with brushing my hair -weirdo-

  8. I've been good. Went swimming today. All my friends were trying to tan but I'm so pale that I don't tan, I burn. So I was hiding in the shade lol How was your day?

  9. I LOVED THE STATUE BIT. Was a favourite highlight. freeeeeeeed<3 anyway, lets get off such weepy topics. how are you/how was your day?

  10. Psh, I was a mess as soon as those stone statue things came up and McGonagall is like 'Protect your school' and everyone's getting ready. It was the end of an era :/

  11. haha, brilliant! yeah it was good, I've always preffered the books but I enjoyed it ^_^ I know I cried - can't remember exactly when, but I think when he uses the stone to see his parents + sirius and remus. :( <3

  12. That's the best kind of picnic! haha. Yes, I have seen it (twice!) The first time, my friends and I dressed up for the midnight premiere! I was Ginny. But it was a great movie lol It made me cry! Let me know how you like it!

  13. i hope not seriously ill! D: -squish- haha, yeah the picnic was nice but I think i ate twice my own bodyweight, which isn't always healthy xD I'm going to see DH pt 2 today for the first time :o have you seen it?

  14. I'm great! Well, I've been ill, but other than that I am great! I have been dying for a picnic! Haha, I hope you don't have any ants terrorize you!!

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