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  1. https://harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?showuid=583356&showRestricted=on
  2. No worries! I love it, thank you so much for taking the time out to do this. I'm rehosting and crediting of course!
  3. OH MY GOD. This is stunning! You are SO incredibly talented, I'm actually in awe. Just a few minor minor minor changes please. Could the font be changed so it's just a little more readable? And the title shifted just a bit to the left, so it's more so in the middle of the banner? And could we change the quotes to lips on neck, hands on chest, bodies stitched together if possible? Or would that be too wordy? Could the red lipstick on the left image be just a little sharper/redder if that's a minor change? Do you also think another smaller pic of Francisco Lachowski should be added to balance out the smaller pic of wolfie cindy? If not, you can ignore my nitpicky/perfectionist ways it's totally okay! Thanks so much again, I still can't believe you created something this gorgeous with so much depth to it in just an hour.
  4. HI actually I don't need it but thanks so much for answering!
  5. Absolutely. Thank you so much for even responding. Not even ashamed to admit I always look at your creations on hpff and tda all the time. Do you think the changes I requested would work better with #6 or #9? Whatever is easier for you.
  6. Hi I'm not sure if you're still taking requests but here's hoping [b]Graphic you would like to claim: #6 [b]Your story title: Smells like Teen Spirit [b]Link to your story:https://harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?psid=339128&showRestricted [b]Do you/have you had a banner or chapter image? Nope, made a request but no one answered and I also really love this one. [b]Do you have permission to re-request? N/A ? [b]Penname on graphic(yes/no😞 Bsk [b]Quote: either We play to win or lips on neck, hands on chest, bodies stitched together [b]Requested Modifications Would you be able to swap out Bella Hadid's pictures and add one of Cindy Kimberly and Francisco Lachowski? And swap the white dots for white stars or make the white dots a bit darker/stand out a bit more? Could you also change the blue to a more darker toned color? Like emerald or black background? Totally fine if not I just love the banner so much! It's not letting me upload images for some reason but I trust your judgement
  7. Oh, sorry! In the future I'll just try to find the direct source. Thank you
  8. Ahh! makes sense, thank you so much. Sorry it's my first time using this. I'll add a link right now.
  9. Hey Guys it's my first time doing this, not sure if I'm doing it right. Story (or Chapter) Title: Smells Like Teen SpiritLink to your Story (or Chapter): https://harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?psid=339128&showRestricted https://harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?chapterid=532114&showRestrictedWould You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: Yes please somewhere a little smallHave You Requested This Graphic Before?: NoCharacters to Include (Canon or Original): James Sirius Potter II (Franscisco Lachowski), Zara Patil-Preece (Cindy Kimberly) preferred character pics are attached. ALSO, You don't have to use all four pics, just please make sure the pic of the guy with a cig in his mouth and either two pictures of Cindy Kimberly work could this snake be incorporated? https://www.google.com/search?q=slytherin+aesthetic&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjukb6FmNDfAhWBTt8KHaIrBNYQ_AUIDigB&biw=1399&bih=699#imgrc=QUgOGKBnncZz8M: — links left only as an aspiration for the artist — Lola Quotes to use on Graphic: we play to win (optional)Color Preferences: Something dark, emerald toned, Slytherin aestheticMood of Your Story: Romance, Angst, MysteryAnimation? If yes, How? If it's not too much trouble could the title fade in and out? But I wouldn't say the request is heavily dependent upon the animation of the title! It's totally okay if you still want to work on it and not include graphics.Additional Information: The story is pretty angsty, with lots of mystery. The main character is in Slytherin and I would love if the banner could reflect that as well. Perhaps a blackish background with a few white stars, maybe an emerald snake. I'd really appreciate if the title of the story could be either white or something with a splash of color, maybe a deep burgundy or scarlet that still goes with the overall mood/color scheme of the banner. I know it sounds complicated but could you be able to tie Gryffindor color scheme into it somehow? If not totally up to the creator, I trust your judgment. The size can be 700 x 110 pixels in size
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