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  1. Thank you! I'm excited to officially join as well. I missed it, even if it's maybe not quiiiiite as active as when I was a staff artist (back when our names turned pink for Staff haha). Happy to be able to get some new insight into techniques. Thanks again! I'll definitely be posting a gallery soon.
  2. Hi! I used to be a member of the old TDA wayyyy back in the day and found the "new" forum through some borderline panicked google searches. I use Photoshop primarily and while I used to be very active on TDA (I mean like...years and years ago...) I eventually sort of ended up being a casual/occasional lurker and mostly just perusing galleries for inspiration or checking resource pages or challenges to see what was trending on here. I missed being a part of a graphics community, wallflower or not, so I hope to be able to learn and re-learn some new tricks.
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