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  1. Sorry for taking so long! Let me know if there are any changes you would like done. I know this isn't 100% what you asked for, so please don't hesitate if it's not quite what you wanted. ^ ^
  2. I will snag this one! ^ ^ I challenge thee to make a blend with a minimum of 10 models in it. They can be all the same or different, but there have to be at least 10.
  3. I can give this a go! ^ ^ So were you thinking of something similar to this? If not, are there any examples you can show me? I usually go pretty saturated on the colors, I can dial it down if you'd like, just let me know. ^ ^ Any particular color you would prefer to have on the set?
  4. It's no problem at all! My fault, really, I should've asked sooner, lol. I took a look at the gallery, but I couldn't find something that could work. After checking a couple of sites I forgot about, I did find a few images that might work, but I wanted to check with you first to see which one you like more: 1, 2, 3, or 4? And then to double check, do you want the flowers and leaves removed? Or just focus on the texture? I'm fine either way, just wanted to be sure. ^ ^ Don't worry! These should be easy to change. ^ ^ Thank you for helping me get a better picture on how to go about this. :D
  5. You have a really nice set of banners here. <3 I really like the model/character placements and text placements-each one are spread out enough, they don't crowd each other. They both add nice movement that forces you to look at the all the details in a graphic. I love the overall coloring for the set, too, and it brings the whole set together perfectly. The first 2 and last 2 are my faves particularly ('cause I'm weird) because the stand out, yet, they are still cohesive to the set. I love see a balance of both cohesiveness and the ability to stand out as individual banners. <3 I wasn't sure exactly what you're asking for so I mainly focused on how I would approach cohesiveness and being able to stand out as individual banners. It all depends on what you want, though, so don't let me derail your own thinking. I tend to think of the small things and each individual detail probably too much, lol. If you're looking for more cohesiveness: + Personally, I really wish there was a little more of that blue in all the banners, though. It's a really nice accent color that would add a little something extra to the banners. + A little of each texture in each banner. I noticed there's a couple of textures you have in some of the banners that doesn't appear to be in each banner and there a couple that don't appear to have either of the repeating textures. + Or even a little of each stock or a bunch of similar stocks in each banner. You have that bird stock/texture in just a few banners that I think would benefit the set if it was in more or all the banners. + With stocks and textures, I think to have at least one of those in every banner helps add cohesiveness. + A coloring that pulls everything together and you achieved that very well. + You already have these-repetition of fonts and models/characters from the same photoshoot/fandom/tv show/movie/game, etc. + You also have this, too-pulling colors from what is already in the graphic for the colors of your text. If you're looking for a set with more banners that can stand as individual banners: + Have text in each banner. This will help show that this is a set of more than one banner, rather than a blend. + Keep text inside their own banner. You only have a carry over from one banner, and that's okay, it just might keep one or two from appearing complete. + Change up the values in the coloring and contrast a little more. Banners 2-6 kind blend together in that aspect and you almost forget that they are banners until you see the dividing line. + Or even completely change up the coloring on some. Like that blue accent you have, you could have every other banner with the brown coloring and the rest with a blue coloring, or a combination of both varying in each banner. + Change the position of the texture in each banner. Having that same texture in each banner will still add the cohesiveness you want in the set, but changing the position of the texture will help each banner stand out a little more and keep them from blending completely together. Banners 3-5 really blend together because the texture's position allows it to carry over across multiple banners and it makes it a little hard to distinguish between them. + Don't always have a model/character carrying over to the next banner. Or at least you don't have to do this for each banner. I feel like it's okay to have some cut off to establish the end of a banner. You can do this with stocks and textures as well. I think a little of both helps make a good set, but there is no right formula. Take my first set for example: I was really focused on making them being able to stand out as individuals and didn't pay as much attention to making them cohesive as I thought I did. The only cohesive parts are really just the Marvel ladies and the vibrancy of the colorings in each banner. Mainly the characters did all the continuous work, lol. I didn't have any of the same stocks, textures (save maybe a lighting texture at the very end, lol), fonts, or colorings carry over to the next banner. In my opinion, my set lacked cohesiveness. I think I meant to have a cohesive set and I think I didn't quite get it the way I hoped, lol. After I finished this set, I sat down and really took a look and made a list of all the things I could improve for the next time I do continuous banners. So all the things I mentioned above, are the same things I think about in my own work. ^ ^ Again, it really just depends on what you want in the set. ^ ^ If you're happy with it, I think that's great. You should make something and be happy about it. <3
  6. So sorry for taking so long. It was kinda hard to find some pics. That said, if you're not happy with this, I can try to make something else more suited for what you would like. ^ ^ Here is what I was able to come up with: Anyhoo, please be honest. I am more than happy to try and make something else if you are not satisfied. I did struggle a bit because I am not familiar with the show. I do ask, if you have better ideas for which pictures to use, please let me know and link them individually or from an album. List any and all details you believe need to be changed. :)
  7. Lovely Digest! Makes my eyes super happy seeing this much Disney!! <3 <3 <3 <3 And it's so colourful!!! But also, how dare you not add I'll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan!? JK, I forgive you! xD
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