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  1. Hi Alice, I'm Mia. Welcome back! You sound a lot like me - I left PW and TDA and completely gave up on photoshop just before graduating and now, three years later, I came back to all three at the very end of last year. It's nice to have a fellow returner! I love your signature, especially that text. I can't wait to see more of your work! I put off posting a gallery for years because I was always overwhelmed by how good everyone is (and let's be honest, I still am) but I finally took the plunge and posted one when I came back to TDA and it was a great decision. Don't be afraid to post a galler
  2. Hi Shayley, welcome to TDA! I'm Mia. I'm still pretty new here myself - I've been lurking since forever but only recently got round to posting a gallery. Everyone here is so lovely though so I'm sure you'll be made to feel welcome. I totally relate with the age thing, I'm 25 in June and had a "oh wow I think I actually count as an adult now" moment this morning. It's a scary thought! Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with planning/not-planning your wedding! No matter what you do, I'm sure it'll be absolutely lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing your work soon!
  3. Hi Beth! I love that you had an account for a while before posting a gallery; I was exactly the same! I'd been lurking on and off for nearly ten years before I finally posted a gallery a couple of months ago (yeah, never underestimate how long it can take me to do something...). As Taylor said, the tutorials are amazing! They've helped me out so much over the years and continue to help me as I get back into graphic making. I've recently gotten into entering the challenges too which I'm absolutely loving, so I definitely recommend entering those! I'm always around for a chat if you want to boun
  4. Hi!! I'm Mia, welcome to TDA! There are so many great tutorials and tips and tricks around here, I've found them really useful so I definitely recommend them. Also, as other people have said, the challenges are good fun. I've only recently started entering them but I've absolutely loved them! Feel free to pop me a message if you ever want to chat or discuss ideas!
  5. tried out a new layout in my gallery. i'm pretty sure i like it...

  6. Hi Rhi, welcome to TDA! I'm Mia. I've only recently come back to TDA and I'm getting back into making graphics too, having not touched photoshop for about 3 years. Echoing what everyone says here, the tutorials are fabulous so definitely check them out if you're feeling stuck!
  7. i will not give up on this blend. rinse and repeat

    1. wanderedaway
    2. minimalist.


      thank you!! i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

  8. Hello and thank you! I can already feel myself getting sucked back in (already have two pieces for my gallery and working on a third) so I'm sure I'll see you all around!
  9. Thank you everyone for your welcome and encouragement! I'm feeling optimistic about actually making things again so fingers crossed it continues!
  10. @bright spark and @steve harrington thank you for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to getting stuck in again!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Mia and I'm very happy to meet you all. I used to be on TDA yeaaars ago but I never got round to posting a gallery so I was always just lurking back then. However, after many years away, I finally found my way back to PW and so also to TDA. I use photoshop and, although I haven't touched it in years, I'd really like to get back into making things and hopefully finally get round to posting that gallery. We'll see, eh? But, even if I don't, I'm hoping to be much more active in the forums than I previously was!
  12. I adore how you're able to use such bright colours without it looking garish or over-powering, especially in the September and December '16 Dark Arts Digest pieces! So so pretty!
  13. I absolutely adore your colourizations - they're so striking and beautiful! And that final piece is absolutely gorgeous! Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see more!
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