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  1. Hi! I really like your "Born to make you happy" sig! The sketch/graphic/colors really work beautifully together!
  2. Hi ashley! I am, but I definitely need to make some fresh things first. I used to really love manips but it's been several years. Fantasy, mostly. The supernatural, dark versus light, dystopian (not all at the same time 😄 )What about you?
  3. The "You were my first" graphic - wow!! Keeping the quality of the picture while still playing with the colors is something I'm working on.
  4. Your colors are stunning! The "men become addicted to poison by degrees" really calls to me. Beautiful composition.
  5. Hey! I used to be on the site a long, long, long time ago. In fact, it was how I learned to use photoshop. I'm starting to write again and want to get back into making pretties for it. You can call me Dea 😄
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