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  1. Love , love the vibrant colours and the dynamic feel of your creations! i want to see more of what you can come up to.:)
  2. Everything is so beautiful in here! congrats on you super deserved Promo!
  3. yay! a promo! Thank you so much!:) and congrats to everyone else!
  4. oooooh. Great Montly digest! I love B &W! When I am unsure of a comp I try tp make the graphic black and white first, because if it works without the "distraction" of colour, the comp is strong enough. And I love the ambiance, and the contrast iit adds to every graphic. Metropolis: I always wanted to watch that one. they made a colourised version in the late 80's, that when I was aware the movie existed. Yes, I am old. Til this day, the visuals are quite revolutionary and inspired Blade Runner and every other sci-fi movie I can think of. Such beautiful pieces featured. I am honoured to see one of mine. Thank you!
  5. apologies but pms are not working for me.


    I am referring to this



    that wasn't a challende entry, it I was I giving an example to see if I understood the challenge, which in the end I didn't have the time to enter.


    Sorrry for the mix up :(



    1. choobacca


      Okay, no problem; that wasn't quite clear to me. Whenever there are images in the thread we assume they're entries :)

    2. JadedWraith


      Sorry, I should have thought of that.

  6. I had a hectic week and I couldn't comment before...tahnk you so much for the feature. I wasn't expecting at all and made me so giddy, smiling at everything. congrats to everyone promoted and featured. And Shona rules! I had to giggle at hamylton' love of sand. So anti-anakin. I love the layout. It's so joyous.
  7. You have such a good sense for composition. It serves you well on the smaller and bigger canvas, I deeply envy you.
  8. thanks. I always hate my icon sets so, that comment is much appreciated.
  9. Hi, I am very impressed with the qualityof graphics for such a short period you«ve been making them. I wasn't that good when I started. Welcome. I am new here too. We can make mistakes together;)
  10. thanks for the visit and all the support.:) wel, inspo has been low...I've been trying to banner and to icon... Thanks you so much, especially because it's my most hated graphic. I love icons...from other people. Mine always suck. Thanks dear. I love your button. You have been on fire, too I am deeply envious of your pretties.
  11. The first two seasons of Prison Break is where my heart like, basically lives. I love it so much. 

    1. JadedWraith


      yep, they were the best and so well written.


  12. Is it okay, now? I have a long credits list so it will be long before it is fairly updated. oh, and welcome at grumpy home. I always have chocolate. And coffee.
  13. I am trying to organize this slowly, so excuse me if there isn't much around Credits-still updating, be patient @unsplashed - Kasia Wanner, @Pexels - Dám Tuóng Quân @Deviant Art - textures- Evey-V, Lost-in-arts, ErenaeErae, RavenOrlov, AccioGlow, End-less-ly, Vanessax17, yalancimantida, Dariayourlocalidiot, Alkindii, Accio Glow, run-on-gasoline, So-Ghislaine, ItsMorphine, 9 litres of art, Krypteriah, Ainhel, yunyunsarang, Razeeta, Nolamom, nk-ash, Morrigan05, Denoctem, ellooise, Carlton/Carlonka, Biancaw, Val_deviant, Marioantonio123, new-americana (Chelsea), Sylvador123 stock pngs- SadEyeKitsune, Frozenstocks, gd08; maureenolder, sensepngs, blackyaisa, pixievamp, mariasemelevitch, ecathe, eaceonnT4, moonglowlily, presterjohnstock, Temtepdeli Pack1,2,3; Evey Packs, Psychicznax, Carlonka, new-americana (Chelsea), Lindri/Gasoline; Sylvador123, Rogers-shield, Ash, RavenOrlov Other sources - Mathieu Bélin, Craig McDean -Vanity Fair Icons Signatures Banners credits: @Deviant art 1Dhazboo, cypher-s, endl-ess-ly, wolverine , shadowedxlegacy, ylancinmanti, BEAPANDA @Pexels Ana Francisconi Nick Nemou Blends/Chapters Credits:Min An Pexelstextures -Vanessax17 and Alkindiistock pngs by Rogers-shield and Trameule ShadowPlay( currently Dystopia)song by MADONNA, GUY SIGSWORTH, DAVID TORN Colourizations Love
  14. happy birthday, Jas! Special hug!
  15. Yay. I agree. I am here not long and Shona was very helpful!
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