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  1. 2, please! song 1 - Here with Me by Marshmello & chvrches song 2 - Midnight Sun by Miley Cyrus [IMG=https://images2.imgbox.com/dc/3f/uM1RzLZ6_o.png]
  2. First I adore Bewitching's header. So pretty! Second, everytime a get a little down about my graphics, your nice and kind mentions always give me a ego boost. Thank you for that. And such amazing graphics mentioned. I am so envious of your talent. And amazing digest. Loved the Butterfly trivia.
  3. you graphics are so cool. You have a very distinctive style, well done. I have one obsession with Crash Landing on you and now I am watching My Country. please produce Kdrama arties. I will live to see them. And POhtobucket sucks. I gave up on it a few years ago.
  4. Hi, I am relatively new here. Welcome back. and , yes, this pandemic thing wrecks sociability and human contact. I am very happy you decided to reconnect.
  5. once again thanks fo rthe kind mention of my work. It always surprises and makes my day, especially with many beautiful graphics around!
  6. I'll see if I can cook up anything this weekend. If not, someone else will have to do it. Life is a bit bit messed up, sorry. @hamylton. please check if this works. and congrats bewitching.
  7. I am very happy you like them. I loved the model, the rest was easy.
  8. Hi hope this is what you were looking for: I couldn't avoid stock use but I tried to be heavy on the texturing. please tell me if these are okay/ require changes/ need to reopen. Thanks.
  9. Hi. I dedicided to return the visit. Everything is super pretty here, I love the softness in your colourings and your graphics, especially in your header and banners, which ate the bane of my life. And icons. Well, back to you. Your comps are super pretty. I also took notes on the way you made your text. I am a fan ( and congrats for the promo!)
  10. Hi, @theodosia thanks for your input. Just a thing, as much as it is a standard in graphics aesthetics, all caps text is an text ergonomics major no no, as makes the message difficult to read. Hence, with the background I have , I have trouble using it. Agreed on the line spacing, I've tried to improve on that. It's a slow process. I have a lot to learn, still and it's a slow process. Again thanks.
  11. Added a new icon set/ 1 banner/ 2 signatures and cleaned a bit. I know it needs further cleaning.... Edit: ended up cleaning more...'bout time 1 new icon set an cleaning older ones 3 new sigs 3 new bannes 1 new chapter and 1 new blend
  12. Olá! Agora é que apercebi que tinha mais alguém de Portugal!

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    2. prongsbeak


      quando isto estava mais movimentado à uns anos e quando ainda havia os filmes do HP para estrearem, era muito mais "fácil" e uma pessoa "trabalhava" para as promos... mas não deixa de ser um desafio... :)

    3. JadedWraith


      Eu sinto o mesmo em relação ao Star wars...falta-me a inspiração. mas há sempre qualquer  coisaa: uma canção, um filme , um poema. E há sempre a disney.  Estou super triste por a Mulan já não estrear.

    4. prongsbeak


      pois... é uma chatice e até estou curiosa para ver como vai ser o novo filme da Mulan... mas tb adiaram todos os filmes do Avatar entre outros...

  13. Hugs good to see you around!!:)
  14. Hi, good to see your pretties here.Welcome!
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