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  1. I love a good haunted house movie. 👻 Those jokes are epic! Amazing issue guys!
  2. *slinking in* I've never solved a mystery in my life, I have a bad habit of picking the underdog, which I'm not stopping now. 🤣 Even though let's face it I'm entirely wrong, I'm going with abhainn. Yes you wrote it... but I love the idea of a major plot twist! 🤣🤣 that's a mystery I wouldn't see coming.
  3. so it's taken 6 months, but I made something. 🤣

  4. does anyone else find icons ridiculously challenging? Trying to spice up my gallery a bit and ugh!

    1. bright spark

      bright spark

      me too! I just look at the tiny boxes and have no idea how to fill them in an interesting way.

  5. contemplating bringing 'shouty voldemort' into some graphics for a push to get me making more again.

  6. I need to find some graphics time!

  7. Thank you 😍 need to get some serious practicing in.
  8. Hi Everryyonne! I'm Alice and I've been floating around PW, the forums, TDA for many years on and off. Back in the day I used to play about a bit with photoshop but since graduating (which was only like.. 5 years ago 😦) I haven't really touched it. I'm hoping to get back into it, learn lots and have a laugh! I've missed the forums! So I thought I'd come back with a shiny new name and start afresh. Hopefully, if I ever get good enough maybe attempt a gallery, but for now.. that's a distant maybe. Glad to be back!
  9. HPFF back in the days! Been on and off for a long time.
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