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  1. This is so cute I love it! Thank you so so so much I really appreciate all of your effort!
  2. Yes please! I didn't have any actors in mind, but wanted them both to look 17ish? Thank you so much!
  3. [b]Story (or Chapter) Title:[/b] Starry Eyes, Stormy Skies [b]Link to your Story (or Chapter):[/b] Starry Eyes, Stormy Skies [b]Size of Graphic:[/b] 700 x 110 [b]Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?:[/b] yes, maraudeer [b]Have You Requested This Graphic Before?:[/b] no [b]Do You Have Permission to Change it?:[/b] n/a [b]Characters to Include (Canon or Original):[/b] James Potter, Lily Evans [b]Other Images You Would Like:[/b] none [b]Quotes to use on Graphic:[/b] They were made of so much magic [b]Color Preferences:[/b] emerald green, light pink [b]Mood of Your Story:[/b] romantic, angsty [b]Animation? If so, how?[/b] none [b]Additional Information:[/b] There's lots of retro themes (bell bottoms, record players) and James and Lily go on cute adventures together
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