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  1. omg hello!! i ADORE the colourisation of your graphics and the comp as well! they’re all so great ❤️
  2. hello ~ thank you so much!! ❤️❤️
  3. thank you!! ❤️ aw ty!! ❤️ (and yess, IU is the cutest ~)
  4. hii ok so omg i noticed your beautiful signature and had to check your gallery, and wow— im so glad i did because your graphics are absolutely breathtaking!! i adoreee the colours and the quality of the graphics; simply incredible ❤️ love, love, love everything.
  5. hellooo ~ im new here ❤️ just wanted to say tda seems like a really good place for designing graphics and the community is really sweet, too, as far as I’ve seen 🥰 it’s nice to meet you all!
  6. ohh, this is so cute ~ congratulations to everyone promoted and the featured artist! (all the graphics included are beautiful c:)
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