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  1. Story (or Chapter) Title: Venom Link to your Story (or Chapter): Here! Size of Graphic: Banner (700x110 px) Would You Like Your Penname on the Graphic?: No, thank you! Have You Requested This Graphic Before?: No. Do You Have Permission to Change it?: N/A Characters to Include (Canon or Original): Xavier Serrano as James II and Daniela Lopez Osorio as my female OC (if you could edit her or find a picture of her wearing red lipstick, that would be brill!) Other Images You Would Like: If it fits with the overall graphic, maybe a small snake drawing (like this, for reference) could go by the title. Quotes to use on Graphic: None, just the title! Color Preferences: I'm thinking maybe a purple background with some fog/smoke effect, but feel free to have fun with it! Mood of Your Story: Mostly romantic with a bit of humour. Animation? If yes, How? Only if you feel like it, but nothing too complicated. ☺️ Additional Information: Nothing else, I'm sure I'll love anything that the artist comes up with! 😁
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