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  1. Thank you so much!! I'm really trying to experiment with fonts right now, I'm glad it's translating! Thank you!! I think banners and sigs are really my go to to be honest! Give me a sweet rectangle over a square any day! Ahh thank you, you're so sweet!! I'm sometimes a little scared that my colouring gets repetitive, but I try my best to push into different directions!
  2. Thanks for the feature!! What a great edition! ^_^
  3. Thank you so much for the feature!! 😊 The other graphics are so gorgeous!!!
  4. edit: Please ignore me I totally missed the ranking restrictions! have a lovely day!
  5. Thank you so much!! I'm excited to be here! ☺️
  6. WELCOME TO THE CANDY WITCH'S BREW it isn't much yet, but hopefully it'll be growing soon! . B A N N E R S S I G N A T U R E S C H A P T E R I M A G E S I C O N S C O L O U R I Z A T I O N S B L E N D S CREDITS+
  7. Congratulations to all of you!! πŸ˜€
  8. Hi everyone! I'm Violet, 22 years old, I used to use photoshop quite regularly but haven't touched it in a long time. I'm excited to be here and work on this awesome hobby!
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