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  1. hi chelsey! idk if you remember me or not (i used to go by silver, we did rp stuff together as well) but your stuff looks as beautiful as ever! can't wait to see more as well~
  2. congrats on your recent(ish) promo! i love your icons.
  3. hello there! i love your composition on everything, it's so seamless and lovely.
  4. hi there! i love your style, your use of colour is lovely and very satisfying. can't wait to see more!
  5. hey y'all! i'm gabriel (gabe is fine too) or eli, i used to be on here way way back and went by silver. since i have some time on my hands i decided now was a good time to get back into the swing of making some things (seems to be a trend based off this specific forum). i long since forgot all my old username and gallery stuff, so it's a good start from scratch. if i knew you way back when (i'm sorry) then hello again, if not, then nice to meet you!
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